Encourage young entrepreneurship for smart kids

Encourage young entrepreneurship for smart kids

A child’s success is every parent’s dream. What drives kids to take a leap from ordinary to extraordinary? How can they slip into the role of leaders brimming with confidence? Every child has the potential to become little entrepreneurs—start them on that path early of young entrepreneurship! Find out how..

Young entrepreneurship program Singapore

Start your child early on the path to young entrepreneurship!

Useful life skills for young entrepreneurship

The big question is how to get from mediocre to outstanding? Every child has that potential—it is waiting to be tapped. Parents tend to spend loads of money and time to ensure that their kids succeed in school. But moving away from a myopic point of view, what children really need are life skills to achieve success in life.

Young entrepreneurship program Singapore

Young entrepreneurship teaches kids to be creative!

Failure is not always bad for the youth

Parents should not automatically frown upon failure, as it is actually a positive step towards success especially in the entrepreneurial arena. Sometimes parents and teachers forget that mistakes are an essential part of learning. How else can kids venture into new ways of accomplishing goals?

Therefore parents need to provide a supportive learning environment so that kids are assured that it is all right to fail provided they learn from the experience. This environment will create confident children adept in persevering when the going gets tough.

Youth entrepreneurship at it’s best 

What better way for a child to learn than allowing them to do what they do best—play. Parents should develop their inquisitive nature and nurture their creative side rather than stifle it. Play is very important and it is a pity that not all parents recognize it.

Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurship learn team building

The best of all worlds– Young Entrepreneurs Camp

JLPC’s program gives children the opportunity to learn from mistakes in a nurturing and encouraging environment. Children are immersed in invention activities specially designed to stimulate creativity and inspire innovation in their hungry minds—these are critical for building an entrepreneurial mindset.

JLPC also instills the necessary life skills that a child needs to acquire that will work as a launch pad to success—given every child’s innate potential within.  The key focus in all of JLPC’s programs are: creativity, innovation, teamwork, collaboration, thinking out of the box, problem-solving, critical thinking communication and entrepreneurship.

Children learn through self-discovery as well as independent learning. Knowing that rewards are intrinsic rather than extrinsic, motivation then comes from healthy competition and drive rather than external and material promises. Therefore JLPC’s entrepreneurship program brings all these principles to life in hands on activities that will wake up the entrepreneurial spirit in your little one.

young entrepreneurship, JLPC

Team building and creative activities during entrepreneurship training

Tried, tested and approved in Singapore!

Parents who have sent their kids to the camp share their experiences about the program and how their children benefitted from the Young Entrepreneurs Camp.

What I liked about the camp was that it encouraged kids to think “out-of-the-box”, challenged them to communicate and collaborate with one another and really helped to strengthen their interpersonal skills. I was also very impressed by the presentation that the boys had to make at the end of the workshop and the enthusiasm they exhibited throughout the 5-days period.” – Wong Meiling, Editor of Universal Scribbles and mother of 2 kids aged 9 and 7.

“Christian would come home every day really excited and give me hints about what he was building because it was a secret. I could see the pride he had that he played a part in those inventions. On the reveal day, am always amazed at the kids’ creations. Definitely a thumbs-up experience. Can’t wait for my younger daughter to attend!”Mandy Goh, mother of 4 kids, aged 8, 6, 3 and 7 months.

“What I look for in holiday programmes is how much I think my kids will enjoy the activities and whether in having fun learning new skills and new things, they become more confident and creative in their thought process. To me these experiences are priceless as I believe that the love for learning is nurtured best through games and exploration activities. My 12 year old thoroughly enjoyed herself at the JLPC entrepreneurs camp last November. Now my 7 year old girl  who is finally of age to participate  is so looking forward to going to the same camp. I think what is most unique about the JLPC programme is that it allows children of different age groups to come together to learn concepts in a novel and creative way.”

– Luana Lim, Mother of 3 kids aged 13, 7 and 6 years old.

JLPC show and tell

Young entrepreneurship activities!

Help your child meet his full potential. JLPC prompts children to recognize and seek out opportunities before taking action. This will directly contribute to their level of future accomplishments and success. Build that foundation today, don’t let your child miss out on the upcoming June Camp!

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