Maid videos herself making fun of elderly lady under her care

Maid videos herself making fun of elderly lady under her care

Use these tips to avoid this from happening to your loved ones.

Elderly abuse in Singapore happens more often than you think and can be as rampant as getting bad maids. Because they are unable to care for their parents due to work commitments, for many Singaporeans, the only way is to hire help. Although not all maids are bad apples, elderly abuse could still happen to any household.

Elderly Abuse in Singapore

Take for example the video of the woman making fun of the ah ma under her care that has been circulating on social media.

The music video was recorded using a popular app called Tik Tok which allows anyone to combine actions to their song choice. The video starts off in selfie mode with the woman contorting the ah ma's face to the music.

elderly abuse in singapore

The video later morphs to a different scene and song, this time with only the ah ma sitting in the wheelchair in view.

The woman proceeds to poke the ah ma on her right cheek to the music. Midway through, you can see the ah ma trying to stop the woman to no avail. The video ends with the woman headbanging to the rest of the song.

elderly abuse in singapore

Mixed Reaction from Netizens

While there were mixed reactions from netizens, many were appalled by the woman's behaviour. Maybe the few who saw nothing wrong with this will not consider this as elderly abuse in Singapore.

One of the readers later claimed that the woman in the video might be the maid or a hired carer for the granny. Despite the ah ma being unharmed, albeit a tad annoyed, this is considered rude and disrespectful in Asian culture.

As the video is fast becoming viral, many are calling for the "maid's" employer to do something to stop the onslaught. If it truly is the maid who did this, the ah ma vigilantes will find her soon. What she thought was a harmless joke, could very well land her in hot soup right now.

Video of Elderly Abuse in Singapore

What Can You Do to Prevent Elderly Abuse?

To reduce the risk of unwanted situations, always be mindful of these tips below:

  • Have a CCTV installed at home.
  • Get family members to drop in for a visit at random times.
  • Restrict excessive usage of smart phones by helpers.
  • Set your expectations and be clear about them.
  • Refrain from being too dependent on your maid.
  • Seek consistent feedback and communication.

We are somewhat grateful that the ah ma was not physically harmed from this video.

Still, just like child abuse, elderly abuse in Singapore can happen. We may never know what goes on at home especially if they are unable to voice it out. So be sure to take precautions and extra measures to ensure our loved ones are always taken care of properly.


Source: All Singapore Stuff

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