What All Women Need To Know About Egg Freezing When You're Over 40

What All Women Need To Know About Egg Freezing When You're Over 40

As a woman, we're constantly having to fight our biological clock. What if we didn't have to? Watch this video of egg freezing specialist, Dr Jain and his patient as they discuss egg freezing.

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According to the Centre of Assisted Reproduction, Singapore General Hospital, 39 per cent of infertility is attributed to just females.

This statistic is not surprising given that according to US stats, the time a woman is 44 the chance that she will have her own biological child is 1-2 per cent. It starts to drop by age 33-34.

One rising trend to prevent such a situation is freezing of eggs. If a woman goes in to freeze their egg at an earlier age, they could possibly have a healthy baby from this egg at a later age, shares Dr John Jain. However, egg freezing is still in an experimental stage and mostly offered to women who have to under go chemotherapy.

In egg freezing, a woman will have to undergo daily injections, for about ten days, to stimulate egg production. Once done with the injections she will have to go to the doctors for a check up. Once all is cleared, the eggs will be retrieved in about two weeks and stored on ice until it's ready to be used.

Mike and Juliet show features world-renowned egg freezing specialist, Dr John Jain and his patient to discuss egg freezing.

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