Best Educational Kids TV Shows on Netflix for Pre-schoolers, Little Kids

Best Educational Kids TV Shows on Netflix for Pre-schoolers, Little Kids

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With billions of people forced to stay at home during this COVID-19 pandemic, adults and kids alike are now getting used to a new normal. On one hand, adults are busy juggling their professional and household commitments, while on the other hand, children have to make do with the indoors, finding ways to spend time creatively.

They can no longer go out to play or pursue hobbies that involve attending physical classes such as music, dance or sports. In such a situation, it is only natural that they end up spending longer hours in front of television screens to kill their boredom and pass time.

Best Educational Kids TV Shows on Netflix for Pre-schoolers, Little Kids

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This is another cause for concern in these difficult times for many parents who are concerned over screen time use. But what if television acted as a convincing medium to encourage kids to learn? What if your kids, especially the little ones, spend their time watching educational shows that actually inculcate good values and increase their knowledge? Surely you wouldn’t mind your kids watching such shows as they can greatly motivate them to learn. Therefore, we bring to you several fun educational shows for kids on Netflix that can boost your child’s learning abilities.

Best Educational Shows for Kids on Netflix 

Television and the internet are loaded with content that may or may not be appropriate for your kids, especially if they are very young. Since TV is one of the few options left for entertainment in times of isolation, make the most of it by streaming some of the best educational shows for kids on Netflix.

Word Party

This adorable animated series on Netflix for children aged 2 years and above is not only fun but also engaging. Created by The Jim Henson Company, this series features many cute diaper-wearing baby animals who teach vocabulary through colourful and catchy songs. The show not only expands your child’s vocabulary but also teaches positive emotional values such as caring and friendship. Kids will definitely find characters like Lulu, a baby panda who speaks grammatically incorrect sentences, relatable and friends who help them to learn from their mistakes.  

Ask the StoryBots

This fun series is a mix of animation, video and songs, following a group of ‘storybots’ who go on an adventure to find the answer to a ‘big question’ asked by a kid. The wonderful series explores questions (such as “How do airplanes fly?” or “Where does night come from?”) relating to Science, Math, Geography and more—explained through the adventures of storybots. The show has been created in such a way that kids of age 4 years and above can easily learn scientific concepts in a fun-filled way. Definitely a must-watch!

Wild Kratts

Here’s another amazing educational show for kids on Netflix that will teach your children a lot about nature and the environment. This informative animated series is meant for kids aged 5 years and above, and is based on real-life zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt. In the show, the Kratt brothers set out on different adventures and teach a lot of fun facts about animal behaviour, adaptation and habitats. This show will definitely turn your kid into a wildlife enthusiast and instill in them values such as respect and compassion for wild animals.

Odd Squad

If you are wondering how to develop your kid’s interest in mathematics, then show them this series. Suitable for kids aged 5 years and above, this fast-paced fun show follows two main agents from the Odd Squad: Olive and Otto, who embark on adventures to investigate odd problems. All their cases are riddled with problems that require them to solve math problems to turn the situation around. A mind-boggling subject like mathematics can become a cakewalk for your kids if they learn the math concepts in a fun engaging way.


If you are someone who wants to ingrain respect for the environment in your kids then tune in to this show. One of the best educational shows for kids on Netflix, this series teaches a lot of interesting facts about the ocean and marine life, through the adventures of the Octonauts. Suitable for kids aged 3 years and above, this show will surely grab your child’s attention and encourage them to care for the for the ocean and its ecosystem. | Previously available on Netflix but you can access some full episodes on Youtube.

Horrible Histories

This comedy series chronicling some of the craziest historical events is suitable for children aged 6 years and above. Based on the popular Scholastic book series, this show brings history alive by teaching historical facts and events in a humorous way. The show is full of silly jokes and slapstick humour to build the interest of children in a rather monotonous subject. A great way to teach history, this show is highly recommended. | Previously available on Netflix but you can access some snippets on Youtube.

Best Educational Kids TV Shows on Netflix for Pre-schoolers, Little Kids

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The above educational shows for kids on Netflix are not only informative, but also entertaining. Allowing your kids to watch these shows isn’t a bad idea when they do not have too many alternatives for entertainment. However, it is always advisable to limit the screen time for kids as it might have negative health consequences. As parents, it is advised to set firm parameters and rules at home; fix time limits and monitor the content your kids are exposed to. A balanced approach towards adequate screen time and educational content viewing can go a long way in establishing healthy habits in your kids from an early age.

Best Educational Kids TV Shows on Netflix for Pre-schoolers, Little Kids


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