Why is my child's grades slipping?

Why is my child's grades slipping?

Are you worried about your kid's slipping grades? Read on about how you can make education and learning fun for your child - especially for upper primary students.

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Adam Khoo – A one-stop centre for your child’s education needs

As a mum, I’ve always been seeking to provide the best things in life for my boys. Being competent in Singapore is really stressful to the children as well as for us as parents…

Academic results are not always my first priority but having an “INTEREST TO LEARN” any subject is really important. Thus, I’ve always been seeking for the most suitable enrichment centres which would allow my boys to learn “HAPPILY”!

Towards Darren’s Primary school days, Tuition seems to be a MUST as I’ve always received messages from teachers that he just could not concentrate and would never pay attention during lessons. Thus, his academic results had always remained border line.

On weekdays, most of his times were occupied by school; tuition; school homework and tuition homework… then what about his childhood life? I would set his weekends as “FREE TIME”!!! … It meant that as long as he completed all homework by Friday evening, the weekends will be all set aside as his playtime. So, since young, I’ve never controlled how much time he spent playing during weekends.

In the year 2012, my nightmare started, I realised that it was the year for his PSLE! I started changing tutors and would spend most of my time ferrying him anywhere for lessons as long as I heard of a good one. After 3 months, his results did not show much improvement and he still failed his Maths and Chinese in CA1.

Education and learning - Building your child's legacy

Adam Khoo – A one-stop centre for your child’s education and learning needs

One day, when I was browsing the web, I came across a “PSLE Seminar” and decided to call up to enquire more about it. It was a 3-day seminar to be conducted during the June school holidays but it was over the weekends. Remember, weekends are set aside as FREE TIME to play! As PSLE was just 3 months away, I had no choice but to talk to him. I asked if he would sacrifice just that weekend to attend this seminar and all he had to do was to go sit and listen as I was also not sure what they would be doing there for the 3 days.

I was so happy he agreed but with a little bit of reluctance. However, after the 3 days, he told me that he was woken up by the speakers’ words. He wrote a note thanking me and also shared his target for PSLE. He even told me that he would give up all his playtime until he completed his PSLE! I was so happy that I had made the right choice to have signed him up for the PSLE seminar which I didn’t know would enact such a great change in him. At the same time, I also understood that AKLC would still take him in to coach him for PSLE even within that short time frame towards PSLE. He was glad I took him out from his tutor and he was enrolled into AKLC for both Maths and English.

He had a great time through PSLE and even passed his PSLE with an “A” for both English and Maths and he immediately requested that I continue to sign him up with AKLC for his Sec. 1 lessons.

Catherine Ng

Parent of Darren Lim (Participant of PSLE Seminar 2012)

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Sandra Ong

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