Editor's Note: Happy Chinese New Year from theAsianparent!

Editor's Note: Happy Chinese New Year from theAsianparent!

theAsianparent ushers in the Year of the Goat together with our loyal readers. Have a Happy New Year 2015!

Chinese New Year

As you're reading this, you're either a Chinese, munching on cookies and pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year or a Non-Chinese merely enjoying the long weekend.

Either way, it is an exciting time as we usher in the year of the Goat and secretly hope this year turns out more prosperous than the last.

The wonderful thing about being from a multi-racial country like Singapore is everybody gets into the fun of the festivals. When it's Hari Raya, even if you're a non-Muslim, going to Geylang and taking in the sight of preperations is a joy itself.

Likewise, when it's Deepavali, it doesn't matter if you're celebrating or not, getting a hand covered in henna just seems like the right time and a great way to spend 5 bucks!

Hence, with Chinese New Year, it is just plain good old fun to get into the spirit of things and check out what's in store for CNY around the Island.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, dear readers. May the Year of the Goat be filled with prosperity, wealth and health to each and every one of you. Thank you for being a loyal reader of theAsianparent. Huat ah!


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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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