Eco Action Day: How parents and kids can do their part to go green

Eco Action Day: How parents and kids can do their part to go green

Protecting the environment begins with you and me!

Planet Earth is our one and only home. Who else will care for it other than the people living on it? Every effort counts. Simple and small actions can make a lot of difference in the long run. On occasion of Eco Action Day, we share ways in which you can help your child be more environmentally responsible.

What’s happening to our environment?

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Research shows that we are consuming far more natural resources than what the planet can actually provide. With the rapid population growth and economic development, numerous ecosystems around the world are reaching critical tipping points that may be irreversible.

According to United Nations Environment Programme, by 2050 we will need three planets to sustain our current way of living and consumption. This is when world population reaches 9.6 billion and if the consumption and production patterns remain the same.

Eco Action Day

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Students in Singapore making their own Eco Action Pledge.

Singapore’s Eco Action Day on 5 June commemorates World Environment Day, it is not to be confused with Earth Hour or Earth Day. This campaign aims to encourage every individual and organisation in Singapore to pledge eco-actions.

No idea where to start? Eco Action Day provides plenty of suggested pledges for individuals, schools and workplaces. Such simple acts include conserving energy, reducing waste and raising environmental awareness.

Being actively involved with Eco Action Day can inspire and motivate others to join in the pledge. The campaign also hopes that these actions may eventually be inculcated in the daily life of every individual.

Head on over to the next page to find out how parents and children can join the green movement.

5 simple ways parents and kids can join the green movement

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There are many simple and effective ways in which parents can teach their kids to pledge their environmental action. You’re never too young or old to be environmentally aware.

1. Recycle

As of 15 May 2015, recycling has fallen by 1% in Singapore. So, separate papers, cans and plastic bottles when you’re at home and also outside. It’s so easy!

2. Reduce water usage

When showering, turn off the water when not in use. Same goes for brushing teeth, washing the dishes and washing your hands. Not only will you save water, you will also save money.

3. Use both sides of a paper

Show your child who loves to doodle to use both sides of a paper instead of just getting a fresh new sheet every time.

4. Donate usable clothes, toys and household items

Has your kids outgrown their clothes or don’t play with their toys anymore? Instead of throwing the usable ones, give away to someone in need. You can donate to charity too so the old clothes and toys can enjoy a new lease in life.

5. Unplug electrical devices when not in use

Switch off or unplug appliances or devices when you’re going out or even when you’re just not in the room. This will not only help conserve energy but it will help reduce your next electric bill too.

What are some of the ways which you and your family help to save the environment? Share with us by leaving a comment below!

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