5 super easy tricks I try to stop myself from spanking my five-year-old

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Here's what I do before I actually take that extreme step of spanking my daughter and then feel guilty about it for the rest of the day.

Let's be honest, all of us mums are so driven against the wall every single day of our lives by our pesky toddlers that there have been, not one or two, but plenty of moments where we lose our cool and resort to spanking them. That's right. Even the best of parents have committed this crime that gives them nothing but guilt in return.

The truth is, no matter how cool and calm you are as a person, there are certain moments when you feel that the sky is falling down on you, thanks to the unbelievable tantrums your kids through on you, sometimes out of boredom and sometimes just out of innocence (well, that's what I would like to believe). And you can't help but not spare the rod and hit the child.

However, over a period of time, we devise ways and strategies to avoid hyperventilating at every small instance and face the problem head on. So it goes without saying that as a mother of a soon to be six-year-old little girl, there are certain tools in my armour that come to my rescue whenever I am in a catch 22.

Here's what I do before I actually take that extreme step of spanking my child and then feel guilty about it for the rest of the day:

1. I count till 10

This is something we were taught in school by one and all. When angry count till 10 and as a student of life this is my first option, which, well... most of the times, saves the day for me and we're at peace after those crucial ten seconds are over!


2. Have a glass of water

Another precious pearl of wisdom given to us by our forefathers. Drinking water when angry calms you down. Water acts as a coolant and the moment you gulp it down your anger is washed away and, trust me, you're all sorted.


3. I divert my attention

If the above two options don't work, try this third one. Just divert your attention and think about something good such as you're all alone having a cup of coffee (without the kids of course!) or better still listen to your favourite music.


4. Look at their cute baby pics

This formula was passed on to me by a dear friend. So in times of exigencies, she would actually go and look at pictures of her son when he was a little bundle... all cute, little and innocent just like a marshmallow.

And within a matter of seconds, your motherly hormones would just take over your mood and you would behave as if nothing ever happened.


5. Lastly, I listen!

God forbid, if all of the above fail, I try to give it an honest shot and discuss (yes, that's what we do with five-year-olds) the matter with her and try to understand why did she do it in the first place. Maybe she's trying to get my attention or there's something that's bothering her which led to the tantrum.

And most of the times, we were able to find the problem and nip it in the bud. Well, most of the times!


This article is republished with permission from theIndusparent

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