Dr Lynn Chiam on eczema and kids

Dr Lynn Chiam on eczema and kids

The team at theAsianparent.com consults specialist Dr Lynn Chiam, currently serving with the Children-Adult Skincare Clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Medical Centre on eczema in children and how to appropriately combat the problem.

Eczema and kids Kids with eczema need to be examined by a specialist to receive the required treatment

Eczema in children is a growing issue in Singapore. Parents are becoming increasingly concerned about dealing with the condition, seeking the right treatment for their kids and various other factors to do with recovery of this serious skin condition. While it is understandable why parents would worry, eczema can be kept under control and is treatable.

Dr Chiam who is also the Medical Advisor to the national Eczema Support Group in Singapore, speaks on the steps to take when faced with the condition, provides advice for parents with kids who have eczema as well as adults and why it is necessary to act with caution and observe certain guidelines before, during and after treatment.

For this and more interesting tips on diet, treatment, the use of steroid creams and dealing with scarring, watch the full video interview here.

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Felicia Chin

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