Don't Touch My Baby: A mum's warning to all the strangers

Don't Touch My Baby: A mum's warning to all the strangers

Are you acceptable to strangers (such as hotel/restaurant staff, sales personnel at shopping centres/ etc.) touching your baby's hands/face, to the extent of kissing them?

Mum Needs Help: Are you acceptable to strangers (such as hotel/restaurant staff, sales personnel at shopping centres/ etc.) touching your baby's hands/face, to the extent of kissing them? If not, how do you politely reject such gestures? We do not want to be seemed too harsh by turning/carrying baby away from these strangers immediately.


Regina Liu: Just express ya concern politely helps

Elaine Chua: my little girl always get touch by ppl... last mth when i went to genting a few ppl also take her photo.. only 1 ask for permission... 1 even carry her up n ask me whether can let him n his wife take a "family"photo.... how to reject him when he already carry her up.

Junie Phoon Lai Ming: Be careful of kidnappers...

Lina Lee: I'm quite particular cos ger sumtimes get eczema so if ppl touch her face.. I might wipe her face after tt.. Lol.. As for kiss.. No way! I might get harsh.. But those ppl can't blame us.. They r nt even related! Lol

Evonne Lee: I'm ok with them playing with my bb or hold their hands, but dun like them to touch face. Especially those cleaners.... but dunno how to reject, so usually after that will wipe their face lor.... I think kissing will be too much!

Regina Liu: e a/m comments expressed by mommies are still consider perfect norm. For me I scrutinize em from their head all e way to their feet and my hubby often says am very judgmental. Herald is a super friendly boy that acknowledges everybody thus when in contact w strangers, I would told em, kindly not touch his face or cheeks. just a hi 5 w him wld b  perfect. And herald picks up real fast and now he wld tell strangers off, 'Hi, pls dun touch me, am happy to have a hi 5 w u, follow by his popular c'ya.'

Ben Lim: Just say politely, noting hash about cause they are our babies. Just because we are afraid to hurt other, we put our kids in this situation. No way. My angels come first. Hands is ok . But face and kiss , no way.

Nova Endah Sunata: Why u not give them a permission to touch ur bby(face,hands,crry her up),i think they just "loves" ur bby coz her is so cute,when i was a single,i do the same,coz hopply smday i will have a bby like that.

Candy Chee: i think my 4 months baby oso got some rashes... contact with strangers... now i won't even let my parents kiss their face... even me... i dun use fingers to touch their cheeks... its all for their own good.. n lessen our worries shall any rashes pop up... play safe rather than b sorry later

Josephine Tan: I am very concern about this matter. I don't allow any strangers to touch her or kiss her... I tell them in a nice way that she is afraid of strangers. She will cry in the night or will have nightmare. They will understand if they don't have bad intentions.

Ben Lim: Is noting personal. But hygiene purpose. If people find you cute and start kissing or touching you. I believe you won't like it. Same here I need to respect my kids to prevent stranger from touching them.

Regina Liu: I admit am to a certain extreme where by I detest old ppl to kiss my child.. old ppl are full of unknown illness and their vaccination is not up to date. when strangers wanna touch em, I would give em hands sterilizer to cleanse before having hands contacts w my boy. I'm very particular especially towards PRC

Vijaya Sooria: karmic cycle- some of us need enlightenment. a true balance in views and perspectives is what we all need, babies are simply cherubic angels that are sometimes irresistably touchable! Light and love to all!

Fenny Loniah Bartlett: Big NO! Peeps have to learn and respect kids and babies as an individual. Can you touch a lady cheeks just because she was cute? It's rude to touch babies/kids w/o knowing the parents. Since I think it's rude, I don't mind to give an uncomfortable gesture or words. I can't wait to teach my baby to growl to strangers.

Siti Mulianah Jumari: I get that too!!! And I dun quite like it when start kissing and hugging part. Just touching hands and chin is fine. Who doesn't love babies and small kids. Still, I give that to an extend. Once they are 3 - 4 yrs old, no nonsense. I'll have to tell them to back off and I will definitely tell my kids that people cannot do that to her. Not good.

Joy Bea Lee: why must they touch the baby / child ? I say its a case of harassment and invading the privacy of the child and disrespecting the child and parent. I know there is a coffee aunty at the kopitiam down my block who loves to touch my boy's head ! Just because we're regular customers do not mean that we're friends. SO I'll give her a black face and  ask her not to touch my boy's head. Even ask my boy to "scream" at her if she dare do that again. And yes, my boy "scream" at her the second time, from then she dare not do that anymore.I always educate and teach my boy that he must not allow ppl to touch him ! Nowhere part of his body ! I believe this the start of educating children against any potential paedophile in the future. Children need to be educated against such danger and that no one is supposed to touch them.

Nad Px: My daughter falls ill easily so I get very jittery when people touch her face. I can still tolerate them touching my baby's hands. I have a neighbour whose house is in a real deplorable condition (everything in her house is dusty and black (from the window grilles to the floors to the walls) and she sometimes wants to touch my baby's face. What I normally will do will be to quickly move away when I see that she is about to touch my baby's face. Make some excuses and walk away.

Christine Koh: I have encountered once at a shopping mall, this strange lady just walked over to me and asked if she can touch my baby, i told her no. at least she asked. at times i will move my baby away from strangers.

Alyssa's Collections: i guess its really hard to resist cute babies! =P my girl is very popular with stranger as she is too friendly..but i feel tt touching or even carrying my girl is ok,( but it will depend on the Person's image), after which i will wipe her with anti bacterial wipes(in fact i used anti bacterial wipes on my girls hands n legs every now n then when we r outside).. BUT KISS is way too much a an outsider to do to my far nobody will do tt.. its really hard to reject ppl, but normally if i dun like it, i will jus carry her away or use some excuse to bring her away..

Refine Lubis: tough situation! in one hand we are scare of unexpected thing from the unwanted body gesture that could be just an innocent act! and the other hand we can not be rude .... i have the situation one time a kopitiam lady pinch my daughter cheek and it was really painful for my daughter. i have to counsel my daughter that time of being empathy to that old lady and teach her how to refuse nicely next time. so is hard situation really!

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