“Please wash your hands before touching my baby!”

“Please wash your hands before touching my baby!”

These were the exact words that I spewed out to all our friends and family who were eager to hold my baby girl, especially during the first few weeks of her life. Keep reading to find out what drove me to enforce this ‘rule’ to everyone, and how the Lifebuoy hand wash came into the picture...

lifebuoy hand wash

My little girl back then, ready for all the hugs and cuddles from everyone!

Before our baby was born, my husband and I decided to enforce this unwritten rule for visitors that would be dropping by during the confinement period: whoever wishes to touch or hold our baby would have to wash their hands first. We didn’t care if our friends and family thought we were being paranoid or over-careful – we even made sure that there was a bottle of Lifebuoy hand wash placed next to all the sinks in our home.

Being first-time parents, our main concern was to protect our newborn from the spread of germs that could be easily passed on by the slightest touch – especially since her immune system was still developing back then.

While there were some who scoffed when we made the request – and continued to roll their eyes and chuckle as we showed them where the sink was – there were others who totally understood where we were coming from. “It’s always better to be safe than sorry if baby does end up catching a cold,” a relative commented in front of all our visitors.

lifebuoy hand wash

Our rule for friends and family who were eager to hold our baby: “Please wash your hands first.”

In a way, we were glad that we made the decision to insist on the hand washing rule for anyone who wanted to hold and/or touch our baby. We continued to make this request in the months that followed, especially after finding out from the paediatrician that our daughter had a mild eczema condition.

This meant that we had to take extra care to wipe her face thoroughly after every feeding session, to avoid the rashes from flaring up. We also had to make sure that our hands were clean at all times.

Lifebuoy, our hand wash saver!

We were contemplating on which liquid hand soap to place by the sinks at home. One thing I knew for sure was that I would not be settling for liquid hand soaps that came with an overpowering fragrance. Not only am I not a huge fan of soaps with strong smells, they give me the impression that their antibacterial properties are not as potent.

lifebuoy hand wash

The bottle of Lifebuoy hand wash taking place by my kitchen sink.

Needless to say only antibacterial liquid hand soaps will be used for hand washing purposes in my home. The one brand that stood out (in my mind, at least) over the rest is the Lifebuoy hand wash range. I’ve been using Lifebuoy body wash for quite a while now, so I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with the hand wash.

lifebuoy hand wash

Washing hands with antibacterial soap and water can help to reduce the spread of germs.

But what totally convinced me to choose an antibacterial handwash like Lifebuoy was this citation in an article published in The Straits Times newspaper recently. A scholarly review conducted by Professor Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Review showed that hand hygiene with soap and water which included antiseptics has a significant impact on reducing the spread of respiratory virus infections.

What makes Lifebuoy antibacterial hand wash better than the rest?

lifebuoy hand wash

The range of antibacterial hand wash from Lifebuoy

– It is certified as The World’s Number 1 Germ Protection Soap*

* Unilever calculation based in part on Nielsen data for Skin Cleansing category and Unilever defined brands from February to April 2013 in 46 countries.

– Thanks to its advanced germ protection ingredient called Active5, Lifebuoy’s range of hand wash is proven to remove 99.9% of germs in just 10 seconds

– It comes in 4 great variants according to your needs and preferences: Total Protect, Mild Care, ActivFresh and Nature Pure.

lifebuoy hand wash

The range of body wash from Lifebuoy.

For more thorough germ protection care, you may want to consider using Lifebuoy antibacterial body wash as well. Aside from protecting the whole family from common hygiene-related illnesses, Lifebuoy’s body wash range also works to nourish your skin with its variety of active ingredients, which includes betel leaf oil, yoghurt and lemon.

lifebuoy hand wash

To find out more about Lifebuoy’s range of hand and body wash, and for some great reads on the prevention of common infections, check out the Lifebuoy website here.

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