Don't Let Bed Bugs Ruin A Good Night's Sleep!

Don't Let Bed Bugs Ruin A Good Night's Sleep!

Bed bugs are highly invasive organisms that hide in your bed during the day and come out only at night when you’re fast asleep, to suck blood.

After a hard day’s work, when you kick your shoes off and are ready to get some rest, the last thing you want is to share your bed with bed bugs. Just the thought of them crawling all over you when you are sleeping will make you feel quite uncomfortable. Here's how to get rid of bedbugs. 

What are Bedbugs?

Bed bugs are highly invasive organisms that hide in your bed during the day. They come out only at night when you’re fast asleep, to suck blood. Most of the times, you feel itchy and may even see small sores on your body, without ever realizing that you’re dealing with bed bugs.

Bed bugs don’t pose a health threat. However, they’re not welcome in households because they suck blood and are a general nuisance. Since they are most comfortable in temperate climates, Singapore’s equatorial climate doesn’t suit them well. Still, you may have a stand off with them once in a while.

Bed bugs are not seasonal. They are usually active all through the year, hiding in the bed linen and coming out only before dawn to feed on your blood. In fact, if you plan to be away from your house for a prolonged period and hope that they'll die of starvation, you are in for a surprise. Bed bugs can live on for months without feeding. Even when they’ve not fed, they can continue to breed, laying eggs in your bed linen.

Therefore, if you do not take care of your bed bug problem as soon as possible, there is a high likelihood that they’ll be sharing your bed with you, giving you many a sleepless nights and definitely not in a good way!

Here's how to get rid of bedbugs

Killing bed bugs is no piece of cake but it can be accomplished with patience. Here's how to get rid of bedbugs

Prevention: Keep your home clean

Bedbugs usually get transferred through humans and animals. Say for instance, you have been to someone’s house that’s infested with bedbugs. The bugs may crawl into your luggage and travel to your home with you. If your house is unclean, they begin to breed and soon become a nuisance.

Sunning of bedding

Exposing your bedding to sun is the simplest method for getting rid of bed bugs. If you have young children at home, it would serve you well to place their bedding out in the sun once a week. The rays of sun are natural disinfectants and will not only kill bed bugs, but also other disease causing germs that may be residing in your children’s linen.

Wash the bedding in hot water with a mild soap and let the mattresses be in the sun for as long as possible. Check your mattresses’ seams for bedbugs. Also look for small holes or tears where they may be hiding. Bedbugs will usually die in temperatures that exceed 100 F so after you’ve left the mattresses in the sun for some time, beat them lightly with a stick so that the dead bed bugs may fall out.


Once you are rid of your bedbugs, vacuum regularly to make sure that they do not infest your home again! 

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to get rid of bedbugs. If you have further tips on how to get rid of bedbugs, please share them on the comment box below. 

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