"How do I politely tell people that I don't want them to hold my baby?"

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How do you deal with your baby's overzealous admirers?

When you have a baby, you’re probably used to people flocking over to you to coo and admire your cute little tot. That’s all well and good, but what if they want to hold your baby? Some parents are comfortable with letting others hold their baby, but it’s understandable if you want to keep your little one close to you. One theAsianparent Community user asked how he could tactfully tell other people that he didn’t want them holding his child:

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Here are some excuses the theAsianparent Community community suggested:

Stranger danger

“Just tell them that your child is scared of strangers,” wrote Yuna L. “Tell them that he will start crying when carried by others, and that it’s near impossible to get him to stop.” Other theAsianparent Community users echoed Yuna’s sentiments—apparently claiming that your child isn’t comfortable with strangers is a highly effective.

Feeding time

One other excuse that works is telling them that your child is hungry or needs to be changed. “Sometimes if situation allows, I will also say that baby just pooped and I need to change his diaper, or that baby needs to be fed now,” Jasmine C. responded.

Under the weather

Others like Jolin L. would tell these overzealous baby lovers that her baby was sick: “Say your baby is not feeling well and you don’t want to expose her to more bacteria.”

Fionn Q. went along those lines as well, saying, “I’ll say my baby’s skin is sensitive.”

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Tell the truth

These excuses, while effective, aren’t necessary. You can simply tell them politely that you’re not comfortable with letting other people hold your baby. Or you can carry your child in a sling and tell them that she’s most comfortable there. Most people will understand, so stop worrying that you’ll offend them by being honest.

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