Does my child have worms?

Does my child have worms?

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Does my child have worms?Mum Needs Help: How to know whether my gal is having any worms in her tummy? She likes to bite finger and is slightly under weight.

Replies from parents:

JJmom Choo:
Look into her stool to see if there's worms. I used to have them when young. Oh & there is med for this at the TCM hall.

Vanessa Lam:
The med nw is in syrup form .. U can chk yr kid in the morn is there any eggs or rashes at the opening cause normally worms will come out in the nite while yr kid zzz

Tan Kean Gee: I
 am 30yo nw n stil i am biting nails....n i am obese...

Esther Cha: So think best to bring her to doc. I did check on her but not worm found so far. Hope she ok. So meaning the TCM medicine will cure it after 1 bottle? Recently she keep complaining tummy pain that what worry me.

Liya Lim: I
f u practice clean personal hygiene on to ur child and ur child herself, i dont think she could get worms in her tummy.. but if u let ur child played at the playground bare footed, there might be.. coz u never know other people bring their pets to the playground to play, these pets can be a source of contribution to disease...

Kelly Kc:
Easy. Itchy backside is one sign a child may have worms.


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Felicia Chin

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