Doctor's tips to quit smoking

Doctor's tips to quit smoking

Don’t give up on kicking your smoking habit! Follow the advice of a medical expert and you’ll soon be quitting for a healthier and smoke-free lifestyle. Perhaps it's time to break the habit-- Dr K Vijaya, the Director of the Youth Health, Health Promotion Board gives you five tips on how…

Doctor's tips to quit smoking

There is no single best way to quit smoking and it can take a smoker an average of six to seven attempts before successfully quitting smoking. It has also been shown that smokers are more likely to quit successfully through a supportive environment.

Some tips on how parents can quit smoking are:

a) Think of the reasons why you want to quit smoking. Constantly remind yourself of these reasons such as being a good role model to your children, being able to bring your family to more places instead of only to places where smoking is allowed. Having these constant reminders of how much more important your family is keeps you motivated to stay away from cigarettes.

b) Set a quit date and stick to it. Don’t give yourself excuses. On that date, whether or not you think you are ready, just do it.

c) Tell family and friends that you plan to quit smoking. Ask them to give you the support and encouragement you need when quitting gets tough. Do you know of someone who has quit smoking successfully? Talk to them about their experiences so you know what to expect when you quit.

d) Remove all cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays and other smoking-related items. Keeping these items out of sight will help you avoid temptation.

e) Talk to someone with the knowledge or training to help you quit if you need advice, like a pharmacist or a doctor. Some other avenues to consider include the Health Promotion Board’s:

• I Quit Club on Facebook - an active community of smokers, ex-smokers, Quit Consultants and members of the public who share their experiences and

provide advice or support to help smokers quit the habit and ex-smokers to stay smoke-free

• I Quit mobile application (available on the iTunes store) that helps smokers identify their smoking profile type and tailors the most effective approach for them to quit smoking

• QuitLine (1800 438 2000) where trained consultants are onboard to give you free personalised advice to quit smoking

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Felicia Chin

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