Doctor's answers: Does swimming help eczema?

Doctor's answers: Does swimming help eczema?

Dermatologist, Dr. Mark Koh Jean Aan, addresses a mother’s questions about eczema, swimming, creams and bath cleansers. Read on to find out more…



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Can frequent swimming at pool trigger eczema? Which type of cream is good for mild cases? Currently I’m using Elomat & Egocort. And, Cetaphil for bath cleanser. But it doesn’t help.

Swimming 1-2 times a week has been shown to improve eczema in some patients, as long as it is kept to short durations. Immediately moisturise after coming out of the pool.

In mild eczema, use of a mild topical steroid (e.g. desonide, 0.025% betamethasone cream) 1-2 times daily, followed by a moisturiser will control most patients with mild eczema.

Cetaphil as a cleanser is good for eczema skin. Add on a moisturiser (e.g. Cetaphil cream, QV cream or Physiogel cream), applied 2-3 times daily, to the whole body. Egocort is a very mild topical corticosteroid and is only useful for very mildly affected areas. Elomet is a stronger topical corticosteroid and should be used for more severely affected areas.

There are a few reasons why your eczema may not improve with these treatments e.g. wrong diagnosis, wrong strength of topical steroids, insufficient use of topicals or superimposed infection that is not treated. You may want to see a dermatologist to maximise your treatment regime.

Click here for Dr. Mark Koh’s answers about the creams for eczema relief. He also explains complications that may arise when using steroid creams on children, infants or babies. Dr. Koh also recommends effective non-steroid creams that are available in the market.

Click here for Dr. Mark Koh’s answers on what can provide eczema relief. Parents try all sorts of remedies for that relentless itch–does seawater, goat’s milk or organic cotton work?

Up next week: Food recommendations and what to avoid when Eczema is in play.

Doctor's answers: Does swimming help eczema?Dr. Mark Koh Jean Aan

Consultant Dermatologist

Changi General Hospital, Dept of Dermatology

Visiting Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist

KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Paediatric Dermatology Service









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