Doctor who decapitated a baby allowed to go back to work

Doctor who decapitated a baby allowed to go back to work

Remember the case of the decapitated baby a while back? The doctor responsible for the death has been cleared of misconduct and allowed to return to work.

Grisly news about a decapitated baby recently made the rounds across social media. According to the report, a breech baby was decapitated when the child was delivered through a normal delivery.

The problem was that the baby was in the breech position, which meant that it would be coming out feet first if delivered normally. In such cases, C-section is the preferred method for breech babies as it poses the least amount of risk to the baby.

However, Dr. Vilvanathan Laxman decided to pursue a normal delivery, which resulted in the decapitated baby. She reportedly instructed the mum to push while she tugged at the unborn baby’s legs. The baby had a prolapsed cord, a common danger. Because the baby was fragile and pre-term, the force detached the legs, arms, and torso from its head. 

The hospital suspended the doctor in the wake of the incident, and her case was heard last month in court. 

But recently, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service cleared the doctor of serious misconduct and allowed her to go back to work. 

Doctor who Decapitated Baby: Why Was She Given a Second Chance?

decapitated baby

Dr. Vilvanathan Laxman, the doctor who decapitated a baby during delivery, has been given clearance to go back to work.

When she initially faced the tribunal, Dr. Laxman shared that she didn’t opt for a C-section since she believed that it would pose a higher risk for the baby. 

The tribunal didn’t agree with Dr. Laxman and found her actions to be negligent. But they did not deem this serious misconduct.

They said, “The tribunal was satisfied that throughout the attempted delivery of baby B, Dr. Vilvanathan Laxman believed that she was acting in both patient A’s and baby B’s best interests, and that she genuinely believed that proceeding with a vaginal delivery was the optimum course to take in the circumstances which existed at the time.”

The tribunal added that the doctor has expressed remorse about what happened. She also accepts full responsibility for the decapitated baby.

According to the tribunal, Dr. Laxman does not pose a risk to any patients, and they have allowed her to resume her practice.

How Can Parents Prevent a Similar Tragedy from Happening?

News of the incident about the decapitated baby has surely caused hopeful parents to worry for their unborn baby’s safety. And it may seem beyond parents’ control, as what happened was a result of a bad call by the doctor.

But parents should not feel helpless or scared that similar events could happen to them. In fact, there are steps that parents can take in order to make sure that their child’s birth won’t result in tragedy.

  • Talk to your doctor beforehand. Pregnant mums should always visit their doctor every two weeks at the very least. That way, doctors can monitor your child’s growth and development.
  • For breech babies, consult your doctor about the options you have for birth. For the most part, breech babies are born through C-section. However, there are some ways to “correct” a breech baby in order for a natural birth to occur. Make sure to weigh the options and talk to your doctor about it.
  • Do your research beforehand. Try to find a doctor whom you can trust to take care of you and your baby.
  • Plan ahead. It’s always a good idea to know if you want to have a C-section or a natural birth. That way, you can plan accordingly, and you will be able to inform your doctor of your decision. It’s not a good idea to figure these things out at the very last minute.
  • Don’t stress out too much! Childbirth is a beautiful event, and it shouldn’t be something that causes you anxiety. Keep yourself relaxed, and look forward to seeing your beautiful baby!

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