Do you have a "monster-in-law"?

Do you have a "monster-in-law"?

We give you 5 tips on dealing with monsters-in-laws...

One of the most common challenges among married couples is the inability to get along with in-laws. Relationship advisors suggest trying different methods to improve relations with in-laws.

monster in-law Are you constantly under her watchful eye?

Here are 5 tips that could help in dealing with a monster-in-law:

1. Make your husband responsible for your marriage affairs

Mothers-in-law tend to interfere because they believe that they should help their sons deal with problems. And yes, even marital ones. They believe they know best. Ask your husband to step up, so that your mother-in-law will know her place—outside the marriage.

 2. Remember who you are married to

Your mother-in-law’s behavior might not change even after your husband has confronted her. Remember that you are married to your husband, not her. All the animosity towards her should not affect what you and your husband share.

3. Try your best to deal with it

It is certainly not easy, but try your best anyway. If you have to minimize contact, then talk very little in her presence. Avoid saying or doing anything that she will pick on. What matters most is the welfare of you children and husband.

4. Get in her good books

If your in-laws have a weakness for gifts, it is only wise to buy them gifts. Killing them with kindness might let them favour you a little more. Why start an argument when you can make them smile?

5. Be understanding

Someday you will be a mother or father-in-law yourself. Try listening to what they have to say once in a while. You have nothing to lose.

Here is a video of an "evil" mother-in-law (just for laughs):

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