Do Singaporeans complain a lot online?

Do Singaporeans complain a lot online?

You’ve lived in Singapore all your life—would you say that Singaporeans are complainers and they would gladly take their gripe online? Find out what a survey reveals about what Singaporeans complain about online as well as how much they complain.

Singaporeans complain

Singaporeans complain all the time– do they?

Do we really live in a nation of complainers? Do Singaporeans complain all the time? After all we are the least happy nation according to a Gallup poll–even less happy than countries like Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. So do we also love to complain online to vent frustrations openly and publicly?

How vocal are we about our sentiments when it comes to revealing them online? Are we proudly displaying our comments? Let’s find out more from this study done by Black Box. Full study found here.

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Are Singaporeans posting their comments online?

Do Singaporeans like to air their opinions online for all to see? Apparently not that much according to the online survey done of 700 participants over the age of 18. A whopping 82% said no! But for the 18% who said yes, only 37% posted with their real names. 46% would post using a nickname and the remainder would do so anonymously.

Are these comments posted to criticize?

Do Singaporeans complain online constantly? We spoke to a few Singaporeans and asked them if Singaporeans do indeed like complaining. Here are some of their responses:

Sarah Martin, a local university student shared: “Singaporeans love complaining, it’s their full time job. It’s either too much or too little of something, and even if it’s just right, Singaporeans complain or doubt every situation. Credit to Singapore being where it is right now—it’s partly due to our incessant complaining if you think about it.”

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Ariel Yu, a behavioural therapist, expressed: “We Singaporeans have taken so many things for granted and grouse so much on social media platforms about what the government is not doing well. It’s easy to complain about what can be improved but have we ourselves come up with better solutions? Can’t we be more appreciative and thankful for what we have in this nation? A well-developed transportation infrastructure, a world-leading education system and a diligent government which has been trying its darnest.”

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Online complaints

But complaining online and merely complaining offline are two different scenarios. When asked if Singaporeans like to complain online, Singapore citizen Bernard Lim who deals with client relations shared: “Yes. Under a veil of anonymity, it’s easy to be a keyboard warrior.”

Yet another Singaporean, Vania Tan, has voiced out: “Social media and the internet has provided a platform for Singaporeans to complain “openly”. But they will never complain openly in public. Hence, no riots! We are definitely pampered citizens that expect immediate response for everything.”

Going back to the study, 31% of those that post comments are critical about the government and 27% are complaining about a company or service in Singapore. This means that 42% are not complaining.

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Take our poll, we would like to find out if Singaporeans complain a lot online.

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