DIY photo booth for kids' birthday party

DIY photo booth for kids' birthday party

Photo booths can be spotted in any gathering these days -- join in the fun by creating your own budget-friendly photo booth for your child's next birthday.

diy photo booth

Check out how fun DIY photo booths can be!

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These days, you can find a photo booth in almost every wedding or event. Regardless of how boring the event itself is, one thing that has become the centre of attention for all these gatherings are photo booths. Although, it can cost a fortune to have them at your gathering — we’ve come up with a way to stay budget-friendly. We’ll help you turn your child’s next birthday party into the best it can be without spending a fortune on it.

You can create a booth out of things you already have to stay budget-friendly! It just takes a little imagination and some extra leg work. In today’s economy you need to save where ever you can. Your photo booth will most likely need a back drop, fun props, and a camera to get the job done right!

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diy photo booth

back drop ideas for diy photo booths

Back drop ideas

There are thousands of things that can be used to make fun back drops for a photo booth. Brightly coloured tablecloths are a good choice because they can be changed quickly if you want to. It is easier just to use one back drop for everyone though. A piece of material that has some fun patterns on it will work well too. Anything that is bright and festive can be used as a back drop.

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diy photo booth

fun props for diy photo booths

Fun props

The dollar aisle in your local department store is the best place to look for fun props. You can use some funny hats, glasses, feather boas or toys. Utilize anything that the kids can use to add humour to your DIY photo booth. Your kids’ room might be a great place to start looking too. Kids tend to have all kinds of things laying around, which can come very handy.

diy photo booth

More props for diy photo booths

Plenty of chairs

Make sure you have plenty of chairs for everyone to sit in. Kids will always want to get together in groups to make funny faces and take pictures. You can always adjust and move them out of the way if you need to.

diy photo booth

You can either write directly on the back drop or pick up picture frames to add a flare

Picture Frames

Find some large old picture frames at some thrift stores. You can repaint them with fun designs and colours to make them match your DIY photo booth. They are a fun prop and the kids will love it.

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diy photo booth

Choosing the right camera for diy photo booths

Choosing the right camera

Any camera can be used for the DIY photo booth. You may want to use a tripod to make sure that all the pictures taken in your DIY photo booth come out perfect. A digital camera with a printing dock works best.

Having a DIY photo booth at your child’s birthday party will add some fun and festive flavour to the party. Not to mention, including a DIY photo booth will help you to save some money, while still throwing a grand party.

Have you tried making a DIY photo booth? How was the experience? For more on creating your own photo booth, watch this video:

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