Baby photography DIY tips

Baby photography DIY tips

You know exactly how cooperative babies are during photo sessions--they know just how to wiggle and shy away from the camera. Are you prepared or equipped to get that candid and precious shot? Follow these tips for that perfect picture-taking session.

Baby photography DIY tips

Every new parent wants to be able to capture their little darling’s antics forever and this can usually be done through photographs.

However as babies are usually non-cooperative creatures, getting the best photos may prove to be rather more difficult than first thought.

Even when your baby is doing all the right adorable poses you may not be ready or equipped enough to capture the shot.

The following are some tips, which you can work on to create the platform for a perfect picture taking session:

  • Being prepared should ideally be the first consideration to make. Have all the necessary equipment in place and keep your camera on a tripod. This is necessary not only for the convenience aspect of the exercise, but will also help to free you up from any constraints that could limit your ability to move around and distract your baby.
  • Preparing the backdrop for the photo shoot is also something that could be done while your little one is getting some shuteye. Using a bed sheet in plain color, ensure the wall is covered right up to the floor. This is to ensure the entire camera frame is filled with this same consistent background texture and color. This makes standardizing the shots easier, especially if your baby is able to crawl.
  • Lighting is also another important addition that should not be overlooked. You should try to use a room that has a lot of natural light, otherwise using non florescent light should do the trick just as well. A light source that is angled to shine from the side instead of from the front of your baby’s face would give your photo a more dramatic finished look.
  • Setting up these photo sessions after your baby has had a good nap or after his/her, feeds will help to ensure a happier baby, thus giving you a lot of happy and smiling baby shots. You can encourage your baby to chuckle, smile or laugh by moving around while making funny faces or sounds.  Any other antics that usually brings out the happy baby in your child can also be included in the exercise, as this would definitely encourage your baby to give you all the happy photos you hoped to take. Putting some toys around your baby will also help to keep her/him is a good mood.
Baby photography DIY tips
  • Moving any unnecessary pieces of furniture or other elements that might get in the way of a perfect picture should be done before the photo shoot is scheduled to take place. As you will be focused on taking great photos, any and all dangerous objects should be kept away at the time of the shoot.

It is important to note and babies are not the easiest little people to photograph, primarily due to the fact that they are too small to understand and “perform” on call. Therefore be prepared to have a lot of patience and try to make the whole exercise as fun as possible for both you and your baby.


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