Dinner with dad in jail

Dinner with dad in jail

While we are enjoying the benefits of having a complete family, there are some out there having to go through life with their dads or husbands in jail. Learn how to cope when your loved ones are in jail.

Dinner with dad in jail

Surely, the 21 inmates at Changi Prison had an extraordinary dinner. They had not expected their families to be there. In fact, “for most of them, it was the first time they had contact since being jailed.

An initiative  by Starhub with a Focus on the Family ensured the inmates at Changi Prison celebrated their Father’s Day in the most memorable way. It was an unexpected family reunion, one they have not had in a long time, these inmates certainly had treat they can cherish.

The importance of supporting dads in jail

Life in jail is definitely a tough ride for these dads. Being away from their loved ones adds another trying dimension to their time in jail. There is always a need to add to the already limited visiting time. The ‘dinner with dad’ initiative is indeed one of the many things that we can do for these dads.

 Many commentators  praised the efforts, citing comments like “..they can restart their adult life afresh with the warmth of their families deep in their hearts. A great way forward..” and “This is one dinner these fathers would never forget and pray that they will never fall foul of the law again.”

Showing care and love

It can happen even to the best of families. Getting jail time is an unforeseen circumstance for unsuspecting family members that are in the dark when it comes to their father or husband breaking the law. If it does happen to your loved ones, here are a list of things that you can do to show hope and concern for your loved one in jail.

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1: Write to them. It is the thought that counts. What they need is a glimmer of hope.

2: Find out from the jail or prison system on what you can send in to your loved one. Common choices are paper and envelopes, and a good pick of devotional materials  to give them comfort and a sense of direction.

3: Frequent your visits. Singapore is a tiny red dot. It does not take long to travel from your house to the prison.

4: If they call you, pick up! Being behind bars is no solace. Hearing your voice makes a whole world of difference.

5: Inmates require money to purchase their basic necessities and even food items. Deposit some money into their accounts whenever possible.

6: Keep them updated. Send them pictures of family gatherings or even their own room. Even though they can’t be there, make them feel involved.


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Talk to your troubled family members

A tight bond between family members is important to drive away negative influences. You wouldn’t want your loved one to take a wrong turn that may detriment his future.

However, he might not open up to you easily. Do encourage him to approach help and talk to someone.

 Helplines available:

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 AWARE : 1800-744-5935

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): 1800-2214444

Singapore Association for Mental Health: 1800-2837019

Sage Counselling Centre: 1800-5555555

Care Corner Mandarin Counselling: 1800-3535800

Singapore Anti- Narcotics Association : 1800- 733 4444

Problem Gambling : 1800- X- GAMBLE  (1800-9426253)


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