The different types of teachers that you’ll encounter in your kid's school

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As a parent, it's inevitable that you'll have a talk with your kid's teachers. Here are a few of the types of teachers that you'll encounter.

As a parent, it's inevitable that you'll encounter different types of teachers, each with his or her own unique reputation. Here are a few of the teachers that you'll encounter in your kid's school:


1. The strict one

Kids are scared of him/her, and parents either love or hate him/her. If this type of teacher is your kid's adviser, better leave the small talk out the door.

2. The one that's smiling on the outside, but dead tired on the inside

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These types of teachers are the favourite teachers of those naughty kids since they're usually too tired to discipline them. Whenever you meet these types of teachers, make sure to give them a nice thank you or a nice gift for all their efforts. They really do need it.

3. The crazy science teacher

Kids absolutely love it whenever it's time for his/her science class. This teacher always has a fun (and sometimes dangerous) experiment that the entire class is hyped for. You might find it a bit strange to talk to this teacher, but the good thing is that your kid will surely have fun while learning.

4. The scary one

Kids aren't afraid of this teacher because he/she is strict, but because this teacher is just plain scary. We just hope that when you talk to this teacher, your brain won't conjure up horrible memories of your childhood.

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5. The quirky teacher that all the kids laugh at

He/she might not be exactly the best teacher when it comes to lessons, but this teacher makes learning a fun and exciting experience, and your kid is always excited whenever it's time for his class. We're sure that you'll be cracking up when it's time for you to have a talk with this teacher.

6. The absolute favourite teacher of everyone in school

Everyone just loves this teacher. They're very friendly and accommodating, and they make each and every student they teach feel very special. This teacher also motivates everyone in class to be a better version of themselves. As a parent, you will be eternally grateful to this teacher for helping your child grow up to be a wonderful person.

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