5 Important questions to ask when choosing a diaper for your little one and why we prefer Huggies® Platinum Pants!

5 Important questions to ask when choosing a diaper for your little one and why we prefer Huggies® Platinum Pants!

This full-time dad from Singapore shares 5 important questions that help you to choose a suitable diaper for your little one!

Choosing a diaper for our 22 month old daughter Maeleth has been a crucial decision for us ever since she was born. We had diapering questions on our mind.

We have noticed that a good choice leads to her being happy, while an unsuitable choice can cause her to be cranky. 

Additionally, it can mean either more rest time for us, or lack of sleep for everyone and more cleaning up due to dreaded unexpected leakages.

Furthermore, a suitable choice helps Mae to have healthy skin, whereas an unsuitable choice has caused her to have a nappy area full of terrible diaper rash before!

Diapering Questions:

When we are choosing a diaper for Mae, the 5 important diapering questions below are what we ask to help us decide:

  1. Is it comfortable to wear? 
  2. Does it help to prevent leakage of pee and poo? 
  3. Is it easy to tell when it’s time for a diaper change? 
  4. Does it lower the risk of getting diaper rash?
  5. Can it last through the night? 

After asking ourselves these 5 important diapering questions, we did some research and based on our past experience with using different diapers for Mae, we decided that Huggies® is still our preferred diaper brand.

No matter what diaper brands we try, we always find ourselves coming back to Huggies®, kind of like a comfortable safety net! 

Here’s why we feel that Huggies® Platinum Pants in particular gets 5 resounding “yes” answers to the 5 important diapering questions above!

Huggies® Platinum Pants are suitable for children with weights ranging from 8 kg (17 lbs) all the way to over 17 kg (37 lbs) - there are 4 different sizes (M, L, XL, and XXL) to fit little ones at different stages of growth.

​1) How Huggies® Platinum Pants are comfortable to wear

​When wearing Huggies® Platinum Pants, Mae doesn’t throw tantrums due to it or keep touching her diaper area.

If the diaper is uncomfortable Mae would probably keep on trying to touch or adjust the diaper to relieve the discomfort, or she could be in a noticeably fouler mood when wearing that particular brand of diapers. 

Huggies® Platinum Pants has unique adjustable tapes on the sides of the diaper pants which allows you to customize the fit for your little one.

It also has a soft and stretchable waitstband which feels soft to the touch, probably like the silky-soft feeling of your most comfortable lounge wear.

These two features could be why it’s comfortable for Mae.

diapering questions

2) How Huggies® Platinum Pants helps to prevent leakage:

Thank God that there was never an incident where Mae was wearing Huggies® Platinum Pants and had a leakage while we were looking after her.

It has double layered leakage protection leg guards which helps to prevent any pesky gaps where pee or poo can leak out from.

I love that the leg guards are secure but not tight - they comfortably caress the legs gently but firmly like good underwear.

diapering questions

3) How Huggies® Platinum Pants makes it easy to tell when its time for a diaper change:

When Mae is walking around and we see a noticeable bulge at her diaper area, that’s one obvious way of telling that it’s time for a diaper change.

The other way is to easily look at the wetness indicator on the Huggies® Platinum Pants which are yellow designs when dry, and they turn blue when wet.

This is a great feature because assuming your little one isn’t wearing shorts or pants over the diaper, you can see the color (either yellow or blue) from a distance without having to go up close to feel the diaper.

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​4) How Huggies® Platinum Pants helps to lower the risk of diaper rash:

Mae has a very sensitive nappy area. She ever had full-blown red and bumpy diaper rash due to using different unsuitable brands of diaper barrier cream. We were so heartbroken to see her suffering and in pain at that time.

Our preferred diaper barrier cream is Lucas Papaw Ointment which solved the diaper rash problem completely and we stockpiled a lot of it when we visited Mae’s older cousins in Sydney Australia! 

An unsuitable diaper can also cause her to break out in diaper rash. Especially those that are too abrasive to the skin.

However when Mae wears Huggies® Platinum Pants she doesn’t get any diaper rash. 

Huggies® Platinum Pants helps to absorb up to 2 times faster than Huggies® Ultra Pants (an older design), by spreading wetness evenly in the diaper.

It is also dry, breathable and clinically-proven to help prevent diaper rash. The soft, textured pad inside the diaper transfers pee and wet poop quickly away from baby’s skin. 

These two features could be why Mae doesn’t get diaper rash when wearing Huggies® Platinum Pants, in contrast to when she tried wearing some other types of diapers.


5) How Huggies® Platinum Pants can last through the night:

diapering questions

Thankfully Mae is a child that sleeps through the night. She can sleep up to 11 hours every night.

When Mae wears Huggies® Platinum Pants she can get a good night’s sleep and not be disturbed halfway through the night because of a wet, full, and bulky diaper.

Huggies® Platinum Pants has superior overnight absorbency which locks wetness away without becoming bulky.
​This helps little ones to sleep through the night, which means more sleep for baby, and more rest for mummy and daddy too! 

I find it cute that Huggies® Platinum Pants has different coloured designs for boys and girls: blue and pink themed respectively. 
The colorful prints are adorable and always puts a smile on my face. 

Lastly, I want to share that we are Huggies® Club members!

It’s free to join, and we receive free diaper samples, access to exclusive promotions and more - You are welcome to join the Huggies® Club too!

Is baby diaper change time a struggle for you? Check out a guest post I did for some helpful tips: "New dad’s survival guide : 7 Strategies for changing diapers without draining all your energy!"

Many Blessings,
Milton Goh


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