Diana Ser on Her Beauty Mantra And Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Diana Ser on Her Beauty Mantra And Maintaining Work-Life Balance

[Published September 2018] Diana Ser reveals her beauty hacks and secrets to work-life balance in this interview with theAsianparent.

We often wonder how Diana Ser juggles work and family, and still manages to look good all the time! 

Diana is married to former Singapore actor-turned-banker James Lye, and has three children, Jake, Christy and Jaymee.

Despite the struggles of balancing work and life, this former news presenter and host has managed to achieve and maintain work-life balance, ensuring that she spends quality time with her family.

Organising fun activities like weekly movie nights, she and her husband strive to make their home a loving environment for their children.   

So, what’s Diana Ser’s beauty mantra and secrets to juggling work and family? Let’s find out!

Interview with Diana Ser

In what way has motherhood changed you? What do you find most beautiful about being a mother?

Motherhood gives me hope! Kids are so innocent and naïve (at least mine still are), they make me see the good in people. Motherhood has also given me the inspiration to age gracefully. I had my first one fairly late, at 34, so I do want to keep up with my kids.

Diana Ser

Image source: Diana Ser

What is your secret to juggling career and raising a family?

The first is letting go of mum guilt and know that it is totally fine to not spend an equal amount of time on everything. If I have a pressing task that particular day, I limit distractions and time wasters, complete whatever I have to do and maximise my time with my kids and husband at night.

I think this “balance” in the juggling act is a dynamic thing. At different stages of my life, I can achieve balance with different combinations.

For example, my husband and I had to sneak out for midnight movies when they were babies. Now, we can take the eldest for some movies which are not yet suitable for the younger ones.

How do you cope with the inevitable mum guilt that creeps in every now and then?

I don’t think it is possible to NOT feel guilty – women are more emotional by nature! I try to let that guilty moment pass, and focus on what I can or have done that is positive.

Diana Ser

Image source: Diana Ser

How do you and your husband both contribute to the raising of your children, in your own ways?

Like many households, I am more focused on the nurturing and the academics, whereas Daddy is more involved in sports and play. We are working on switching roles more often!

Do you feel a lot of pressure to look good all the time?

Not at all. Looking good is a choice that I have made for myself because it makes me feel good both inside and out. 

Since young, my mum has taught me to be presentable whenever I step out of the house. It is respect for myself as well as others.

What are your beauty hacks and makeup essentials as a busy mum?

The beauty hack I live by is “get enough rest” because my skin reflects my health and the makeup will go on well only when my skin is in good condition. Thus, I am usually in bed by 10 pm on weeknights.

To save time and for glamour on-the-go, I stick to concealer, brush through my eyebrows, line the eyes and put on some lipstick.

What about keeping up with social media trends – isn’t that challenging and competitive?

Not at all. Perhaps it is because I have been around media circles for a while, I know what I stand for.

The platforms are just that, platforms for you to share your story. It is really up to the personality on how to use the platform.

I use social media to share my passion for bilingualism, or social issues that my TV show, Talking Point, investigates.

I have also used it to raise money for charity or collaborations with brands. For me, the key is to stay authentic and put my best in everything I do.

Diana Ser on Her Beauty Mantra And Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Diana Ser and her family during Chinese New Year 2020. | Image source: Instagram / dianaserlye

What is your approach and challenges when it comes to raising bilingual children?

I feel strongly about immersion, and I regret that I did not give my kids pure Chinese immersion when they were much younger.

These days, more and more preschools offer pure Chinese immersion components in their programs. So I try to immerse them now in a more Chinese environment by speaking the language as often as I can, listening to podcasts, watching Chinese animated shows or movies and reading together.

The key challenge is making them appreciate that the language is useful. In their day-to-day lives, Chinese is not very relevant. They can get by with English, so why bother? I mean, even in school when they buy food from the canteen, the aunties and uncles speak English.

(Diana also ran an online portal called Crazy About Chinese, where she shares fun ideas and activities to make learning Chinese easier for children)

What advice and words of encouragement do you have for new mums learning to juggle motherhood and career?

Looking back, I think it is okay if you drop the ball once in a while. Just pick them up and start all over again. You will get better (at juggling) after a while.

Enjoy the experience by being in the moment!

Also, rope in the hubby for childcare from the get-go. Parenting should be a partnership and the kids will be better off with Mum and dad’s involvement.

*This article is from our archives.

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