Taxi driver who devoted life to family dies four days after liver transplant

Taxi driver who devoted life to family dies four days after liver transplant

This devoted father was terribly sick needing a new liver, but continued working long hours for six years, mainly to support his son's education. Read this brave Singaporean dad's story here.

Mr Tan Chon Siang just wanted to provide for his family and see his son do well in life.

But six years ago, this devoted father and family man was given only three months to live by doctors, after his diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver.

However, even though he was terribly sick, he kept working as a taxi driver on 12-hour shifts -- all to support his family.

His biggest dream was to see his only child Elvis, 24, graduate from Kaplan in April. This devoted father thought his dream had come true when doctors from the National University Hospital (NUH) called to say they found a match for him to undergo a liver transplant.

A liver transplant would mean he could continue providing for his family and see his son progress in life.

But in a cruel twist of fate, Mr Tan died last Tuesday (15 December), four days after his eight-hour long operation, according to The New Paper

Too sudden, too soon

Mr Tan's older brother Mr Tan Chon High told The New Paper, "On the first day after the operation, my brother's condition was very good. He could talk and wave.

"I even thought he could be out of the Intensive Care Unit in three to four days."

But, on the third day, doctors told Mr Tan Chon High that his brother was not responding well to the new liver and that kidney failure had set it.

By Monday, Mr Tan had slipped into a coma, and on Tuesday morning, he passed away.

Mr Tan Chon High, speaking of his brother's devotion to his family, said, "Chon Siang wanted to earn money to pay Elvis' university fees.

"Even though he earned only $30 to $40 a day because of his sickness, he would never spend a single cent on himself."

Mr Tan's friend from their army days, Mr Jack Choo, told The New Paper: "He was very happy when he told me he received the call from the hospital after waiting six years."

Mr Choo, who is also a taxi driver, said: "We ate lunch together from Monday to Friday and our friends and I could see his body weakening, but Ah Nok (Mr Tan's nickname) never once complained about pain."

Needless to say, Mr Tan's death has left a big hole in his family's and friends' hearts.

We at theAsianparent offer our deepest sympathies to Mr Tan's family.

We think this humble taxi driver is an inspiration to all Singaporeans and is a strong example of the love and devotion that only a father can have for his children, family and friends.

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