Design tips for an optimal kids' learning environment

Design tips for an optimal kids' learning environment

The right upbringing of a child starts from home. At Casa Kidi, we believe in this concept wholeheartedly, so we sourced out the best children furniture from all over the world to be displayed under one roof in thematic bedroom setting-- all at our spacious display center in Tampines. We hope you’ll find our tips useful to give your child the best start in life.

Design tips for an optimal kids' learning environment Here are useful design tips to make your child's learning environment productive

It is very important for a child to cultivate the best habits from an early age. That is why we recommend that every child's bedroom should have 3 distinct areas: a Play area, Sleep area and Study area. By creating these areas, you will help to ensure your child cultivates the right habits as they go about their daily routines.

The play area maybe part of your child’s bedroom or in another area of the house and you can decorated it using carpet, bean bags, wall stickers, plush toys, drawing board or storage cabinets to help create a comfortable and fun environment. Involve your children in the process of designing this area and you will find they will take ownership of the space which includes tidying up after play time. For space constraint homes, our Bolton loft bed set comes with a low loft kit which elevates the bed and allows your child to create a play area below.

Design tips for an optimal kids' learning environment

Bolton Cottage low loft bed with top, tower and low curtains and slide

The sleep area may comprise simply of a bed and nightstand. We recommend using pastel colors such as light blue, pink or green against the backdrop of the bed as this creates a restful, calming and tranquil environment. A thematic bedroom environment also helps ignite their fantasies as they float away to their dreamlands.

Design tips for an optimal kids' learning environment

Cilek Lovely Bedroom Series

We recommend placing the study area adjacent or opposite the sleep area to clearly differentiate between the areas. Placing the study desk against a wall and next to windows allows your children to get natural sunlight and minimize distractions. Ample storage areas such as bookcases and study units help to keep the area neat and tidy.

Design tips for an optimal kids' learning environment

Cilek Black Pirate Bedroom Series

To get more inspiration or friendly advice, do visit us at our display center. We are opened daily from 12pm to 8pm.

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