Design a custom birthday invitation in under 5 mins

Design a custom birthday invitation in under 5 mins

Check out apps that create professional looking invitations without spending a fortune.

birthday invitations

learn how to make invitations under 5 minutes!

Today’s kids love to have parties, especially when it comes to their own birthdays. Of course, to start preparing for a great party, making birthday invitations is usually the first step. You can always create the best looking birthday party invitations in under 5 minutes and right at home without going over your budget and breaking the bank with apps!

Invitation apps

The internet is riddled with thousands of apps and softwares to use. In fact, even IPads have gotten so popular that you can do anything on them that you can do on a computer. The best part: You can send the finished product to a wireless printer in your area. This really helps if you are considering to use an app to make invitations. Check out these apps that should do the trick for you in under 5 minutes!

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Invitation 101

Invitation 101 is the perfect app to use for creating free birthday invitations. This app will allow you to create and send the electronic invitations right from your app. Gone are the old paper invitations, in is the new technology. The app is totally free to download and creates amazing invitations. A very simple program that is easy to use.

American greetings

American greetings have created a very easy-to-use app for creating birthday invitations. The app is loaded with fun invitations to make your child’s birthday party the greatest. With over 300 clip art pictures and the capability to access an online library, you can virtually create anything. You can choose to either print the birthday invitations or email them using their easy to use software.

birthday invitations

Here’s what printed invitations look like

Apps that are inexpensive

Many apps will allow you to download for free, but will charge you a minimal fee for creating the birthday invitations. While you may have to pay for the invitations, it is still cheaper than buying them out of a store.


ITunes is a free download that will allow you to create beautiful birthday invitations. The app is free, but they do charge you for printing the invitations. They have easy to use software that can email or print invitations with one click of a button.

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Creating invitations

A great website that will allow you to make professional style birthday invitations inexpensively. This website is quick and easy to use. You can create birthday invitations within minutes. The app is really creative and makes your invitations look like a million bucks!

There are several nice apps and websites that you can choose from to make some professional looking birthday invitations. Choosing the right one for you will not be hard given the abundance of resources that we have at the tip of our fingers.

Have you ever made invitations for your child at home? Do you have any tips you would like to share with us? We’d love to hear feedback from you! For more on making invitations at home, watch this video:

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