How does depression manifest in men?

How does depression manifest in men?

Depression is a serious problem, and it's very important for everyone to know the signs of depression, especially in men

Depression is more of a problem than most people realize. And for men, who are traditionally known for their stoic demeanor, it’s much more difficult to see the more obvious signs of depression. But depression in men is real.

You’ll be surprised at how many men suffer from depression

In the US alone, six million men suffer from depression each year. While depression can be managed through therapy and proper treatment, most men still don’t know that they’re depressed.


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Experts also say that most men struggling with depression either fail to acknowledge their condition, or are afraid of being judged. Others just chalk it up to stress or mistake it for another problem entirely.

Either way, depression is a serious problem, and it’s very important for people to know the signs of depression, especially in men.

Some of the symptoms of depression are universal, but for men, it can also manifest in different ways. Here are a few telltale signs that you should watch out for:

It can be mistaken for anger

Melancholy or extreme sadness is one of the clear signs of depression. In men however, it can manifest in increased frustration, sudden outbursts of anger, and irritability. This anger is most likely a reaction to the rise in their negative emotions.

Men like to keep quiet

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but men do like to keep quiet, especially when it comes to their emotions. That’s why most men are less prone to asking for professional help when it comes to their mental health issues. This usually stems from a fear of being judged or because of their own shame.

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Photo from: wikimedia commons

Photo from: wikimedia commons

Fatigue is more prevalent among men

Another sign of depression is fatigue. People struggling with depression can sometimes feel a strong desire to just stay in bed all day, and in some cases they feel intense fatigue. For men, the feeling of fatigue is much more pronounced and according to some psychologists, it’s one of the more widespread symptoms of depression in men.

Men are less likely to be diagnosed with depression by a doctor

Surprisingly, there’s a gender bias when it comes to men and their mental health. Doctors are far more likely to diagnose women with depression as compared to men, even if the symptoms that they’re experiencing are similar.

Depression reduces a man’s sex drive

A lower sex drive isn’t necessarily an outright sign of depression. However, since a person’s mental health can directly affect a person’s physical health, depression can indeed cause a reduction in sex drive in men. It can also sometimes cause erectile dysfunction, and most men do mistake it for something else.

Men have had a higher spike in suicide rates over the last 15 years

In more severe cases, depression can drive a person to commit suicide. A report back in 2015 showed that men are more likely to keep quiet if they have thoughts of self-harm. Over the last 15 years, middle-aged men have also had a higher spike in suicide rates.

This is why it’s very important for anyone struggling with depression to open up about it, since dealing with the issue early on can help save a life. If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

John Greden, executive director of the University of Michigan Depression Center shares, “Men need to recognize that this is not something they can just snap out of, and it’s most certainly not a sign of weakness.”


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