Dengue season: NEA reports more than 100 cases within a week

Dengue season: NEA reports more than 100 cases within a week

Parents, try to stay away from these dengue hotspots around Singapore.

The dreaded dengue season in Singapore is upon us again. Parents, it’s time to break out the mosquito repellant – if you haven’t already.

The number of dengue cases in 2018 has hit over 2,200, with the highest number of cases reported in a week exceeding 100 in the last week of November. 

According to the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) website, there were a total of 110 dengue cases reported in Singapore the week ending Dec 1.

This is 13 more cases than in the previous week. 

Dengue season in Singapore

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Dengue season in Singapore is here. | Source: Flickr 

The NEA has reported that there are 17 active dengue clusters in Singapore, with the largest located in Bedok.

This clusters include Block 124 Bedok Reservoir Road, Blocks 662, 665 and 667 Jalan Damai, Blocks 645, 648, 649, 650, 655, 656, 657, 658, 659 and 660 Jalan Tenaga, Kaki Bukit Crescent and Kaki Bukit Road 3.

To date, there have been five reported dengue-related deaths.

As such, the NEA is urging members of the public to do their part in suppressing the Aedes mosquito population to keep the spread of this disease in check.

Especially since the holiday period is upon us, the agency has advised that all our homes do not become breeding grounds while we are away. 

Here is what you can do to ensure your home is dengue-free

dengue season in singapore

Dengue season in Singapore can be controlled by taking the necessary precautionary steps. | Source: Flickr

  • Cover all toilet bowls in the home and seal off overflow pipes of the flushing cisterns. 
  • Cover all floor traps.  
  • Add sand granular insecticide to places that mosquitoes could potentially breed, and places where stagnant water cannot be removed.
  • Clear debris and blockages, and add BTI insecticide in roof gutters.
  • Turn over all water storage containers and wipe the rims dry.
  • Ask a relative or close friend to check your home regularly for stagnant water if you are going away for a long period of time.

Avoid dengue hotspots and always carry insect repellent

The NEA also advises against visiting dengue clusters if possible. The NEA website has up-to-date information on dengue clusters around the island.

Whenever visiting parks or walking outside, stay away from drainage areas that may have stagnant water stored in them. Carry mosquito repellent at all times in case you find yourself in a mosquito-infested area. The anti-mosquito patches are a good alternative if your kids are sensitive to the spray.

NEA has also advised that those infected with dengue should also apply repellent to prevent mosquitoes from biting and picking up the virus from them to spread to others. 

Source: CNA, NEA

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