Dengue cases in Singapore: Largest cluster seen in Bedok

Dengue cases in Singapore: Largest cluster seen in Bedok

A large number of dengue cases in Singapore have been reported from the Bedok area. Read more here...

Authorities have intensified checks for breeding grounds in Bedok, after a large number of dengue cases were reported from the area.

In the past 2 and a half months, 58 dengue cases were reported from the Bedok Reservoir Road cluster making it the largest cluster seen this year. This cluster consists of blocks 713, 715, 716, 717, 718, 719 and 721, with the largest number of cases being reported from Block 717 (23 cases).

Dengue cases in Singapore: Largest cluster seen in Bedok


As of 11 December 2017, there are 3 active dengue clusters in Singapore.

According to the NEA, the best way to tackle dengue is prevent mosquitos from breeding. The following are some mosquito prevention measures in case you plan to travel:

  • Those planning to go on vacation should bring and apply insect repellent while travelling, as well as mosquito-proof their homes before they travel.

Look for deet-free products which are safe to use and apply directly on skin. Or stick on a (deet-free) mosquito repellent patch – these are super easy to use specially on your kid. 

  • Cover all toilet bowls in the home and seal off overflow pipes of the flushing cisterns. 
  • Cover all floor traps.  
  • Add sand granular insecticide to places that mosquitoes could potentially breed, and places where stagnant water cannot be removed.
  • Clear debris and blockages, and add BTI insecticide in roof gutters.
  • Turn over all water storage containers and wipe the rims dry.
  • Ask a relative or close friend to check your home regularly for stagnant water if you are going away for a long period of time.
  • Those infected with dengue should also apply repellent to prevent mosquitoes from biting and picking up the virus from them, and those showing symptoms suggestive of dengue should see their GPs early to be diagnosed.

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(Source: NEA)

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