7 ways to amp up your daytime flirting for hotter sex at night

7 ways to amp up your daytime flirting for hotter sex at night

Who says you can't flirt with your partner when you're apart in the day? These tension-building tips will make your nights extra spectacular.

You know what they say: anticipation is the greater part of pleasure. The more you steam it up with your partner during the day, the hotter it'll be when you finally get some alone time.

Even if you don't see each other in the day, it's still possible to make sure your partner comes home burning for more. Here are some flirting tips that you can try out. 

1) Flirty texts

There's nothing like a quick, steamy text to send your partner's thoughts veering into naughty territory. Let them know how distracted they've got you with a "can't stop thinking about tonight". You can bet they won't be able to sit in that meeting without squirming!

romantic sexy text messages

2) Hidden love notes

For an extra dose of sensual, a little note will do the trick — spritzed with a bit of your perfume or cologne, of course! Slip it into their bag or pocket while they aren't looking. 

3) Goodbye caress

As you kiss goodbye in the morning, spice it up with a few lingering touches. A hand on their back that slides lower, a soft trail up their sides — all the spots you know will get them craving more.

sex secrets

4) Pick out their clothes

As you get ready to start the day, let your partner pick out your clothes for you (lingerie included). There's something oh-so-sexy about knowing what they've got on under, especially when you know you'll be peeling it off each other later. 

5) Remote-controlled toys

If you want to get a little more kinky, remote-controlled sex toys are your best friend. For ladies, wearable vibrators linked to an app, like Vibease and Lovense, can give you tantalising doses of fun during the day— simply slip it in and have your partner activate it as and when he pleases. 

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6) Send a sneak peek

A risqué photo or clip will get your partner's heart racing. With handy apps like Snapchat and Whatsapp, you'll have no trouble keeping their imagination fuelled till they get home! 

7) Use a code phrase

Come up with a secret phrase that says "I want you" without anyone else knowing. Something like "the car needs an oil change" will slip right past listeners but leave your partner eager to get home.

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