Daycare kids found drugged and tied up: Do you know the danger signs of a bad daycare?

Daycare kids found drugged and tied up: Do you know the danger signs of a bad daycare?

The kids were tied up like this for up to seven hours at a stretch, and left in dark rooms alone.

Running a daycare certainly can’t be easy. It takes the right people with loads of love and patience for little ones, to be successful at it. One woman, who was recently arrested for horrific charges when daycare kids were found drugged and tied up, certainly doesn’t fit the bill. 

Daycare Kids Found Drugged and Tied by Their Necks

In has to be one of the most horrifying cases of daycare abuse yet. Rebecca Anderson – the owner of Becky’s Home Child Care in Texas, USA – is accused of using shoelaces to tie little ones in her care to plastic seats for at least seven hours a day. 

Some of these children were kept like this in closets with the doors shut and in complete darkness. But it gets even more grim. 

The woman is also accused of drugging the children with over-the-counter medication to keep them sedated and quiet. 

daycare kids found drugged

Rebecca Anderson – the woman who drugged and tied up small children under her “care” | Image: screengrab, Newsweek

Nabbed by a Dad

The father of a six-month-old baby boy who went to the daycare, was the first to suspect something was wrong. This was after he saw video footage taken from a camera that was attached to his baby’s car seat. 

The shocked dad saw footage of Anderson grabbing the baby out of the car by his ankles to change his diaper. After this, she yanked him off the ground by his bib which was tied around his neck. 

Next, the woman is seen giving the baby an “unknown substance from a bottle” with a plastic syringe, even though the little one was not sick and on any kind of medication. 

The baby father immediately alerted the police. 

The Shocking Discovery…

When police arrived at the daycare, they discovered nine children there, reports Newsweek. All of them had shoelaces around their necks. Three of them were actually tied to plastic chairs in a bedroom closet, and had to be cut free by the police. 

When questioned, Anderson said she gave the little ones Tylenol, to “make them stop crying and to make her job easier.”

The woman also admitted to typing the shoelaces around the kids’ necks to stop them from moving. All of the children were removed from the daycare and checked at the Children’s Hospital in Dallas.

Meanwhile, “Anderson was arrested on nine counts of abandonment and endangering child criminal negligence” reports Newsweek


Reference: Newsweek

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