David Cameron plans parenting classes to keep families together

David Cameron plans parenting classes to keep families together

British Prime Minister, David Cameron plans parenting classes – urges parents to take advice on managing child behaviour and helping children to play.

In a speech this week, David Cameron will be urging all parents to enrol in state-backed parenting classes to learn how to raise their children properly, and announces a new plan to keep families from falling apart.

The British Prime Minister will argue that all parents would benefit from more advice on helping children play and how to deal with bad behaviour. He will set out proposals to incentivise parents to attend classes in an attempt to make parenting advice socially aspirational.

The plan for parenting classes could prove controversial, with some claiming it represents a “nanny state” approach to the private lives of families.

However, he emphasised that it should be the norm for parents to receive instruction and various advice on how to behave around their children.

As part of a speech on the family, Cameron will announce plans for a parenting classes voucher scheme, claiming that all parents need help and that there is too little state-sponsored guidance on offer.

“Is it right that all of us get so little guidance?” he will ask. “What about later on, when it comes to good play, communication, behaviour and discipline? We all need more help with this – the most important job we’ll ever have.

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Paige Li

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