Date after marriage

Date after marriage

Here are some steps to help you recreate the initial romance in your relationship.


Most couples often forget the initial romance and reasons that brought them together because of stress, either related to work or family. The simple solution to this problem is to bring back the romance in your relationship by recreating the initial experience of meeting and getting to know each other. Starting at the very beginning can sometimes rekindle those deep-set feelings that have been left untouched for so long. Apart from being caught completely unawares, your partner will be flattered and very pleased with your initiative.

Ask your partner out on a date - and make the proposal irresistable. Because you're married doesn't mean they have to say yes! Bring to it all the charm you would on a first date and make them realize that they're still as special as they used to be, and you're still vying for their attention like you were all those years ago.

Come prepared to please! Pull out all the stops - pay them genuine compliments and show your appreciation for the things they thought you didn't notice anymore. On top of being caught completely unawares, your partner will be flattered and pleased beyond their expectations.

Woo your partner as if it was really your first date and you will see the difference in your relationship. Always remember - romance is the key to keeping a relationship alive and meaningful for both.

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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