Dads speak out: "We're parents, not babysitters"

Dads speak out: "We're parents, not babysitters"

"I take a lot of pride in being a dad. That’s who I am."

If we want more dads to take on more active role in the home, we have to stop patronizing them for doing the most basic of parenting tasks. In a video from, several dads came forward and shared how they got the most strange reactions for just being dads.

They talk about how people don’t expect them to be capable parents, or being excessively praised for doing common parenting tasks that moms are expected to do, such as taking their kids out for a walk or picking them up from school.

Here’s what some of the dads had to say:

"Wow. Father of the year."

active dads

“I got a call from my wife one night when I was out with some friends. We had just gotten to the restaurant, and she called me because my daughter was sick. And the guys were like, ‘Seriously? You’re leaving? Wow. Father of the year.’ I’m just going to help my wife with my children that I love.”

— Tom H., father of two

"Dads are parents too. Get with the program."

"Walking the streets with my daughter, and ‘uh wow! what a great dad you are you’re taking your daughter out for a walk!’ and I’m like really, that’s what makes me a good dad? I’m a dad. I love being a dad. And dads are parents too. Get with the program."

— Kenrick D., father of four

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"It's parenting, not babysitting."

active dads

"My wife went away for the weekend. And I got offered so much support that I didn’t need. I love spending time with my kids. It’s parenting, not babysitting."

— Tom P., father of three

“Maybe we should talk to your wife about this.”

"You go to parent-teacher night and you’re the only one because your partner’s traveling, and they go, “Well maybe we should talk to your wife about this,” No, I’m the one that’s here so we can talk about all the stuff."

— Todd G. Father of 2

Watch the whole video here:

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