Poop Scoop: Dads fight to change diapers and kudos to them!

Poop Scoop: Dads fight to change diapers and kudos to them!

The role of a dad should not be fixed. Fathers should step up and spend more time with their little ones. And we're glad some dads see that!

Diaper changing stations used to be under the purview of mums.

But it's bound to happen- daddy's out with the little one and he or she needs an immediate diaper change.

Singapore malls tend to have their diaper changing stations located outside the toilets, allowing both mums and dads easy access.

One location where you will never see a diaper changing station is in, though, the gents' restroom.

Dads in the USA have picked up on that and even started fighting for the installation of diaper changing stations in the men's room.



The role of a dad in taking care of his child has blurred- instead of being limited to the individual who works all day to encompass a myriad of other roles: including the dreaded one of changing diapers (mainly because of all the poop that comes with that task).

A blog was started up by like-minded dads who take part in the roles most people associate only with mums. Calling themselves Dads who change diapers, the blog that cater to dads who break the societal stereotype.

This highlights a key shift in a dad's role in his child's life- to play a more active part when they are just babies.

We went around the office asking the new daddies how they felt about:

#1 Changing diapers

#2 A diaper-changing table in the men's toilet

Here's what they had to say (amidst gagging at the thought of #1)

"Changing my baby's pamper is easy peasy. There's really not much to it. I hold my nose, and I do it. In under 15 seconds. The faster, the better... for me. It's still weird doing a change in public, especially in a men's toilet, if that ever is the case. The dudes would look at me strangely and I may not feel so manly after that. It's just a guy's thing."

-John, 31, daddy of a 2-month-old girl


"Having to bring my baby out while mummy works is something I do regularly. So having that special feature in a man's loo will be great! And why not? If mummy can do it, so can daddy."

-Weihao, 28, new stay-at-home-dad


"Check back with me in a month. I can say I will love to change diapers, but who knows. I've heard a lot of scary stories about it from my brothers. The do-it-in-public duty may have to still be mum's as it feels awkward for me. There are some things I feel women can just do better. I also feel more comfy in a men's room... ALONE."

-Irshyad, 29, going-to-be dad


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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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