Tragedy as dad allegedly kills family then himself

Tragedy as dad allegedly kills family then himself

A tragedy has been reported as a dad kills family then himself. "I'm so tired, I'm sorry…were the last words he scribbled on suicide notes..."

He was known to his friends and colleagues as a “family man”. And so it came as a shock when reports came out that a father of two had allegedly killed his family and 2 dogs, before killing himself.

“I’m so tired, I’m sorry…” were the last words he scribbled in his suicide notes…

Reports that dad kills family then himself

According to The Jakarta Post, the murder-suicide tragedy happened in Palembang in South Sumatra, Indonesia, on the morning of 24 October 2018.

45-year-old businessman Fransiskus Xaverius Ong is strongly believed to have killed his 43-year-old wife Margereth Yentin Liana, his 18-year-old son Rafael Fransiskus, and 11-year-old daughter Kathlyn Fransiskus, at their home. 

The family’s pet dogs, Choky and Snowy were also found dead.

Ong’s colleagues and housemaids later revealed that there were vital clues that hinted at something ominous.

Ong was seen playing the piano the night before the murder. According to one of the maids, he only played the piano when he had a problem.

He also uncharacteristically called on every employee working for his company, and all the housemaids, to give them some money.

The biggest indication of a troubled mind though, came from one of the messages Ong sent to his high school WhatsApp group at 3 am. He requested for everyone’s forgiveness and for them to remember his good deeds only. One member even replied, “What are you blabbering about at 3am in the morning?”

“I’m so tired, I’m sorry…”

By the next morning, the truth, in its most gory form, was revealed.

Housemaid Ms.Dewi has been quoted as saying, “My sister Sarah saw blood on the pillow when she tried to wake Kathlyn up. At first, she thought it was simply a nosebleed, but then she saw that the blood was coming from Kathlyn’s head.”

More horror was to follow, as all the family members were found dead.

According to autopsy reports, Fransiskus Ong was the one who pulled the trigger on his family members. Investigative analysis reveals that Ong first shot his wife in their bedroom, before proceeding to shoot his children from close range.

Apparently, he then drowned the family dogs in the bathtub before pulling the trigger on himself.

The motive for this murder-suicide is unclear, but officers suspect that Ong and his wife had a nasty fight over his alleged affair, after which she demanded a divorce.

A key possible reason though, was left behind by Ong himself in his suicide note.

“I’m so tired, I’m sorry…I love my wife and children very much and Choky and Snowy. I can’t afford to leave them alone in this world…”, they read.

 Inspector-General Zulkarnain has been quoted as saying, “He didn’t want to die alone. That’s why he also murdered his entire family.”

Helplines for depression and suicidal tendencies

dad kills family then himself

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Mums and dads, some signs of suicidal tendencies are:

  • Suicidal communications:
    • Oral threats to hurt or kill oneself
    • Talk of wanting to die
  • Seeking access to
    • Guns, pills and others
  • Making preparations
    • Giving away possessions
    • Saying goodbye

Apart from the above signs, these signs have also been linked to suicide and self-harm:

  • Chronic anxiety
  • Feeling trapped
  • Hopelessness
  • Social withdrawal, isolation
  • Chronic anger
  • Recklessness
  • Mood changes

If you detect any of the mentioned signs in a loved one, or even yourself, please tell a family member or a friend immediately. Talking is the first step to healing. However, if you would rather talk to a professional or a counsellor, you may contact these places:

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(Source: The Jakarta Post)

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