Curtain call of the ZESPRI® Junior Chef Cooking Contest 2011

Curtain call of the ZESPRI® Junior Chef Cooking Contest 2011

As the dust settles on the 2011 ZESPRI® Junior Chef Challenge, winner Lily Chua and her four-year old daughter Joey had time to reflect on the fun experience they shared and take advantage of their winning prize – a private full-day cooking session with celebrity chef, Sam Leong.

For Lily, making a meal out of fruit, more precisely, ZESPRI® kiwifruit, proved to be interesting experience and one that has paved the way for further culinary experiments.

“Since Joey and I won the ZESPRI® Junior Chef Challenge, I seem to have developed an even greater passion for cooking and want to learn more.”

In addition, the mother-daughter duo found the ZESPRI® Junior Chef Challenge offered them the opportunity to work together as a team to a winning end.

“The Final Challenge at the Asian Food Channel (AFC) Studio, followed by the cooking session with Sam Leong was so much fun and was a great bonding opportunity for Joey and me. We made a great team and I think the competition bought us closer together.”


The private cooking session with Sam was a flavoursome one and Sam helped whip up a three-course feast including Spinach Broth with Minced Fish Soup, Sweet and Sour Chicken with ZESPRI® kiwifruit, and Ee Fu Noodles with Mushroom.

Sam also provided a number of tips from the best way to hold a knife through to creative garnishes as well as pointers on healthy eating.

“While Singapore has an enviable selection of restaurants to choose from, there is a simple satisfaction in sitting down to a home cooked meal. Not only can you be assured that your family is eating healthy and quality ingredients but it also offers a chance for togetherness and bonding,” said Sam.

Sam also had some words of encouragement for parents who want their children to eat more fruit and vegetables.

“Colour is key! Brightly coloured fruit and vegetables like ZESPRI® Green and Gold kiwifruit are always appealing to children. Once you notice their favourite colour fruit or vegetable, try offering them other fruits or vegetables of the same colour.

Children also naturally gravitate to sweeter foods which is why it can be easier to get them to eat fruit, however vegetables are equally important. Instead of kangkong sambal or bean sprouts, start them off with the basics like cauliflower, carrots, broccoli.”

As the 2011 ZESPRI® Junior Chef Cooking Challenge drew to a close, Lily remarked, “It is quite tough being a chef, but the satisfaction of the creating the perfect dish is quite unlike anything else!”


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Written by

Felicia Chin

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