Crocs Newest Kid's Ranges!

Crocs Newest Kid's Ranges!

Kids will Love Crocs Newest Kid's Ranges!



1. Crocband Sneak Kids
Kids are often attracted to shoes with laces simply because they want to look more adult-like. Parents, however, fear that they can’t tie their laces and might trip as a result. Unlike other laced-sneakers, the new Crocband Sneak Kids comes with continuous shoe laces which are elastic for the kids to put on and take off their Crocs easily! Kids can feel good and look smart in their sneakers while parents will feel at ease. The sneakers are also dotted with jibbitz holes for the kids to personalise!

2. Glow in the Dark Clogs
This season, Crocs created 4 new clog designs for the kids that glow in the dark:

  • Hawk clog with eyes and feathers that glow,
  • Dragon clog with eyes and teeth that glow,
  • Butterfly clog and body and wings that glow and
  • Unicorn clog with a horn that glows in the dark.

Collection is available starting from August 2010.

3. Hello Kitty Custom clog Kids
With the popular response from the customers last year, Crocs has designed a new range of Hello Kitty kids clog this year! Slip on a pair of clogs, put your feet together and you will see a complete 3D picture of Hello Kitty and her friends in the garden! Limited edition Hello Kitty unwoven bag is also available with the purchase of a Hello Kitty custom clog.

Hope you’re as excited as we are about these new ranges!

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