Dad uses yoga ball to gas daughter and wife to death

Dad uses yoga ball to gas daughter and wife to death

It's certainly one of the most diabolical murder plans we've ever heard of...

Crimes can become extremely bizarre and sinister when the perpetrator is educated and a professional and driven by lust. Today, we're turning to one murder among crimes in Malaysia that leaves us shocked and saddened. 

Crimes in malaysia

Sinister crimes in Malaysia: Anesthetist kills wife and daughter with yoga ball

That's right. Back in 2015, a Malaysian anesthetist used his professional knowledge to commit a heinous murder, just because he was having an affair with one of his students. He allegedly gassed his wife and 16-year-old daughter to death using a yoga ball.

According to news reports, the trial was heard by the High Court of Hong Kong on 27 August 2018. 

Prosecutors argued that anesthetist Khaw Kim-sun, 53, allegedly left a yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide inside his car's boot. They told the High Court that the gas slowly leaked out and killed his wife and daughter – both of whom were found locked and dead inside their yellow Mini Cooper. 

During their investigation, the police also found the deflated ball inside the boot of the car. 

Incidentally, Kim-Sun has pleaded not guilty on two counts of murder charge. Prosecutors allegedly told the court that the 53-year-old Malaysian national and a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, had been plotting to kill his wife.

He was reportedly having an affair with one of his students and wanted his wife out of the picture as she was not granting him a divorce. 

However, they did add that he may not have planned to kill his daughter. The police told the court that Khaw insisted that his 16-year-old daughter stay at home while his wife went out in the Mini Cooper. But the girl didn't listen to him and went anyway. 

This is where his diabolical plan went awry. 

Testimony against Khaw

The police discovered that Khaw was seen filling two yoga balls by his colleague at the university premises. The same colleague also testified against Khaw. He informed the police that the suspect told him the balls were for testing.

He told them that he was planning to take the balls for testing them on rabbits. But he later changed his story for the police. 

Khaw told the police that he filled the balls with carbon monoxide to allegedly get rid of rats at home. 

Now, his remaining elder daughter has struck out in courts, grieving the deaths of her mother and sister. 

This case is also one of most horrific crimes in Malaysia

During the 27 August hearing, Khaw's 19-year-old daughter May-ling told the courts that she lost a "soulmate", referring to her sister.   

"Lily was two-and-half years younger than me. She was probably my soulmate. We were very close and we had a lot in common," she reportedly told the court.

She also added that her sister was "free-spirited" and quick to anger, in addition to the fact that she was aware of her father's indiscretions. 

"At first I felt slightly betrayed but at the same time my parents hadn't been getting along well. I could understand my father would find someone and I felt bad for my mum," she add as she testified at the court.

This case will continue until the courts come to a decision on Khaw's fate. However, many people out there think this is one of the most bizarre crimes in Malaysia and that he should be given the death penalty. 

Either way, the future looks grim for Khaw and he may be heading to wards a tough judgement. 


Image courtesy: Pixabay

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