Floor beds or cribs: Which is safer and better?

Floor beds or cribs: Which is safer and better?

To crib or not to crib...why not ditch the crib altogether and just use floor beds? We uncover the potential dangers of cribs and how floor beds are taking over.

floor beds

Find out why cribs can be dangerous and why most parents are opting for floor beds!

Cribs are considered to be one of the safest places for a fragile baby to sleep. With their bars and pads, a baby crib helps in preventing falls and unnecessary bumps. This equipment also allows parents to do other things while the baby is safely asleep. As safe as it may be, did you know that there are parents who prefer to put their babies to sleep in floor beds and just forego cribs altogether?


In the past, numerous incidents of baby deaths (and injuries) in cribs have been reported. While there are different reasons for these deaths, most of the deaths are due to being trapped between the bars and SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS, sometimes referred to as crib death, occurs when the child is found dead hours after being put to bed. The cause of SIDS is still unknown, but this is enough of a reason for most parents to eliminate cribs from their purchase list.

Floor beds

Most people these days are resorting to floor beds, since they feel they can be the safe and more convenient for babies. A floor bed, as its name denotes, is a thin mattress that is placed on the floor. Because it is low, the risk of a falling baby is zero. During feedings at night, the parents don’t have to pick up their baby. All they need to do is slide next to the infant in bed and give the bottle or breastfeed. After the feeding, the parent can just slide off the bed without causing any disruptions.

Once old enough to crawl off the bed, the infant can self-entertain and play with the toys on the floor. Since the baby won’t immediately cry as soon as waking up, these room explorations will give parents more time to sleep in during mornings.

floor beds

How safe are floor beds? Keep reading to find out

Montessori sleeping arrangement

Making use of a floor bed is considered as a Montessori sleeping arrangement. This Montessori approach encourages constant movement, exploration, and repetition – all of which are key to achieve the fullest potential. The convenience that a floor bed gives to babies is considered advantageous and thus plays a huge role in the child’s development. The freedom to roam around the nursery and look at different things will make the infant curious and thirsty for knowledge. The baby will grow up to be more adventurous, independent and conscious of the surroundings.

Enforcing safety

Parents, do note that floor beds are only as safe as you make them. The bed should be placed in a room that’s fully baby-proofed. Don’t forget to move out any furniture or low shelving that encourages the baby to climb up. Because the baby will be playing on the floor, the room should always be kept clean. More importantly, a stable and durable safety gate must be placed on the door to prevent the baby from slipping out unattended.

What is your baby’s sleeping arrangement? Would you consider using floor beds? Please tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you. If you need more information about floor beds and the dangers of cribs, view this video:

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