Crafty dad builds playhouses so incredible, you'll have to see to believe

Crafty dad builds playhouses so incredible, you'll have to see to believe

These playhouses are so extravagant, they'll make you wish you were a kid again

What kid doesn't love a playhouse? It's their own personal sanctuary for imagination, fun, adventure—you name it!

Kids aren't the only ones who love playhouses, though. Parents love them because they provide their kids with a safe place to have some good-natured fun. Plus, playhouses are close to home!

While parents can't deny that they love providing their kids with a playhouse, some parents are a little more enthusiastic about the quality of their kid's playhouses. For example, Tyson Leavitt.

This Canadian dad wanted to provide his kids with an exciting and safe way to have fun without being too far from home. That's when he decided to put his craftiness to the test. And, well, he aced the test.

Leavitt started a company called Charmed Playhouses just last year, and ever since he and his team have been constructing some of the most insanely awesome and extravagant playhouses that you'll ever see. They're so amazing, that you'll wish you were a kid again!

Check out some of Charmed Playhouses magnificent works:


This crazy cool playhouse was inspired by the tale of Rapunzel. Quite frankly, I don't think your daughters are going to mind being confined like Rapunzel if they get to be in this playhouse!

This playhouse looks like a real life log cabin! 

This playhouse is themed on a Neverland ship from Peter Pan, and it's about as magical and imaginative as Neverland itself! Mums and dads, don't tell me that you wouldn't be playing in this playhouse too.

When I was a kid, we had to imagine that we were in a castle. Charmed Playhouses is making it so our kids don't have to imagine!


What do you think of these insane playhouses, parents? Think you could build something like this for your kids?


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