Couple's unusual ultrasound results will have you laughing out loud

Couple's unusual ultrasound results will have you laughing out loud

Ultrasounds often leave expecting parents in a whirlwind of emotions. For this family, that particular emotion was surprise! Full story here!

For many expecting parents, an ultrasound can be a monumental moment in life. It’s the first time you’ll ever get a look at your son or daughter. As they rest innocently, and harmlessly in the womb, you’ll be overcome with a whirlwind emotions. For this family, however, the particular emotion they felt was surprise.

Mashable first broke the unusual, albeit hilarious, story of Reddit user Brewhaus3223 and his wife. Apparently, the couple visited their doctor for a routine 24-week ultrasound. Much to their surprise, instead of seeing their child on the screen, they saw this:

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit

If you’re having trouble making out the image…it’s a car! Now, before we make any strange theories, you should know that this mother will not actually be birthing a car on her due date. For some unexplained reason, that’s just what the ultrasound reading appeared as. Call it an optical illusion, call it a err on the part of the machine–any excuse will work.

The couple, now pregnant with baby number two, apparently used gestational surrogate to conceive their first child. So, as shocking as this ultrasound was to see, they were also quite surprised when they found out they had conceived naturally just a few months ago.

Admittedly, the picture speaks of the minor inaccuracies of an ultrasound. Many things are still undetectable in the early stages of pregnancy. While ultrasounds are a miraculous technology that brings families closer together, they still provide only a rough estimate of the outcome of a pregnancy. In some cases, ultrasounds fail to distinguish a child from sedan!

The couple has remained lighthearted about the outcome of the ultrasound. They shared the image on Reddit with the following caption: “A miracle happened and my wife became pregnant naturally, well as naturally as you can when you’re carrying a car. It’s a boy car!”

We sure hope their baby’s crib is as big as the garage! Good luck, expecting parents!

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