Couple makes a version of "Cards Against Humanity" for parents

Couple makes a version of "Cards Against Humanity" for parents

This crafty couple made a version of "Cards Against Humanity" for parents, and you're gonna love it!

Cards Against Humanity, for those who don’t know, is a crude, rude, and downright hilarious party game. In essence, it’s a card based word association game…but much more vulgar and vile. It’s been dubbed, “The party game for horrible people”. With a reputation like that, you can pretty much expect that there is very, very little parenting knowledge that can be applied to or taken away from the infamous card game.

That’s why parents everywhere rejoiced when Wayan and Amy Vota decided to craft their own version of the notorious card game called KinderPerfect. The couple used their experience as parents to help create some cleverly composed themes that mums and dads everywhere can enjoy.

For example, upon drawing from the deck during a round, you may draw a card reading “Why is mummy mad?” or “Please don’t put [blank] in your mouth”. The other players will use the cards in their hand to answer the question or insert the blank. Then, hilarity ensues. This time, though, it’s family friendly and parent relatable.




“Like every parent, we love our kids, but they can drive us crazy. It’s their antics, and those of other children, that inspired many of the cards, ” Wayan told The Huffington Post.

Hanalei (7) and Archer (5) may have inspired their parents to create some hilarious cards, but the Votas have since sought help from other parents to complete their hysterical deck of cards. In fact, their project is currently still a kickstarter but they’re seeking help from any parents looking to offer any witty or appropriate responses for their game.

So far, the Votas have raised around $5,000 of their $12,000 goal. They aim to reach that goal and make the game accessible to parents worldwide who aim to have a less raunchy, more socially acceptable round of fun with their fellow parents and friends.

If you’d like to contribute some of your own hilarious suggestions based on you own parenting experiences, fill out one of KinderPerfect’s card suggestion forms, or you can visit their kickstarter page and contribute to their awesome project!

C’mon, Mum and Dad. We know you have some hilarious parenting jokes, ideas, and anecdotes to share with KinderPerfect! Let them know and help your fellow parents around the world have some family friendly fun.

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