Singapore couple seen kissing passionately on bus in full view of kids

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A couple kissing in Singapore made news recently when they engaged in passionate liplock onboard a bus, in full view of kids. What do you think of the incident? Let us know in our poll!

A couple kissing in Singapore made news recently when witnesses disapproved of their very public display of affection.

The incident happened on a bus, with little kids watching the act.

Couple kissing in Singapore: Did they cross their limits?

The news was first reported on Stomp by a reader, M.

Apparently, the said incident took place on Bus Service 101 from Changi Airport Terminal 1. The witness was going home from work, and she was sitting in the last row of the bus, facing the couple. The bus was full then.

At first, it seems, the couple were just flirting and teasing each other. Things got more passionate when the bus got on to the Tampines Expressway (TPE).

M tells Stomp, "It was so embarrassing! They were acting indecently and were making fools of themselves."

"To make it worse, there were kids sitting next to them watching what they were doing."

"It was so disgusting, there was a lot of tongue action and saliva as well."

M wanted to ask the couple to come back to their senses, but her friend advised her not to make an issue out of it.

As is the norm these days, many commuters started taking videos of the act, while some others covered their eyes or turned their faces away.

The couple finally stopped doing what they were doing when they realised that the whole world was staring at them and taking videos of their liplock.

M feels that what the couple did was really "stupid", and that, "They shouldn't be doing this in front of people."

Shouldn't they just wait until they get home, she asks?

What do you feel about the incident, readers? Was this couple clearly overstepping their limits when they engaged in passionate liplock on a bus? Or is kissing in public not considered indecent? Let us know in our poll below.

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(Source: Stomp)

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