Couple Conceived Son During Sleep Sex

Couple Conceived Son During Sleep Sex

You could have just had the best sex of your life and not know that you just did...because you were asleep! Read on to find out about the sexy medical condition called “sexsomnia.”

Ryan and Dee Harris, from Basingstoke, were about to start fertility treatment when Dee discovered she was pregnant. They had kept records of each time they had sex while they were trying for a baby and realised they had conceived their son during a nocturnal tryst.

Couple Conceived Son During Sleep Sex

An English couple who spent 18 months trying for a baby were astonished to realise they had managed to conceive their son– while the husband was asleep!


Ryan, 28, suffers from sexsomnia – a rare medical condition that causes people to engage in sexual acts while they are asleep.

Dee, 25, said: “When I looked back, it was clear I’d conceived on the night we’d had ‘sleep sex’ as we call it, which means when I’m half awake and Ryan is actually totally asleep.”

The couple now has a bouncing 16-month-old son called Lincoln. The couple was not aware of Ryan’s strange condition when they first moved in together.

“It happened not too long after we first moved in together;” Dee said, recalling her first ‘meeting’ with ‘sleep sex.’

“I sent him a text the next morning saying: “last night was great.” When he replied saying he didn’t know what I was on about, I thought he was pulling my leg. But it kept on happening, but Ryan could never remember a thing the next day.”

“The sex is different too when Ryan is awake. I wouldn’t say it’s better but it’s more intense. He’s less inhibited.”

The couple said it was only when they were watching a television programme about sexsomnia that they realised Ryan must have the condition.

“They were going through the symptoms and it was exactly what Ryan does. We both looked at each other dumbstruck.”

Sexy time during sleepy time

Sexsomniacs are a breed of people who have sex while they are sleeping. It is completely different from the sleepy sex that you and your partner engage in during the wee hours of the day.

Sexsomniacs are sound asleep while they masturbate, fondle, initiate sex or just produce some pretty loud sexual moaning sounds and will not be able to recall any of it tomorrow. This is different than waking up from a particularly sexy dream and initiating sex or waking up to a partner who’s trying to jump-start your engine.

Depending on the person; sexsomnia can be exciting and interesting, or destructive and abusive. The sexsomniac has no control over their nocturnal actions, leaving some feeling guilty, confused or ashamed over the behaviour.

And if you’re the one they’re sharing a bed with, you can either be fearful or excited of what will happen once the sexsomniac falls asleep.


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