Couple chronicles pregnancy in awesomely original way

Couple chronicles pregnancy in awesomely original way

Through the magic of stop motion animation, this couple tracked their pregnancy. The results are simply awesome!

There are about a million great ways to keep track of your pregnancy. Some are funny and cute, others lean towards the more serious. Either way you slice the pie, they chronicle your baby's progress and your growth —mentally and physically—towards the eventual due date.

One couple decided they would push the envelope and chronicle their pregnancy in a totally awesome, totally original way: through stop motion animation!

Meet Martan Tamarkin, amateur cinematographer and director. When he learned that his wife was pregnant, he decided to flex his creative muscle.


Here we see Martan and his wife in the opening scene of their stop motion animation baby movie spectacular.

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To cleverly simulate the idea of a Mum's tummy expanding, they used the visual aid of a balloon being inhaled. Then they used clips and pictures over the span of nine months to capture the tale of their epic pregnancy!


The intrepid couple didn't stay put, though. In the video, they cut in different clips and pictures of Mummy all over the world. The video is edited to make it seem like Mum didn't move at all, but they were as active as ever!


After one big balloon...and nine months of waiting, look what turned up! The couple is as happy as ever. But don't expect this couple to stop just yet...


Hope you're ready for another balloon, Mum! Congratulations on the happy, healthy family, guys!

If you want to see the awesome video in its entirety check out the link below!

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