9 Couple activities you should try before your baby arrives

9 Couple activities you should try before your baby arrives

Make the most of your time while waiting for your baby to arrive!

With baby on the way, it's time to face the reality that you're about to take the biggest leap forward in life that you'll ever take: parenthood.

Your very existence is on the verge of a huge change. Obviously, this isn't a bad thing. It just means that things will be different very soon. That's why it's important that you make the most of the time you have before becoming a parent. And who better to spend that unique time in your life with other than your loving partner?

We've assembled a list of activities that you and your partner absolutely have to try while waiting for your baby to arrive. They'll strengthen your relationship, create timeless memories, and help you get the most of life while on the stork's waiting list.

Check out our list and get out there and live life to the fullest!

1. Enjoy Movies and TV


Once your baby arrives, you can pretty much say goodbye to binge watching your favorite programs and movies. Try setting aside time or certain days of the week for the sole purpose of watching TV or movies! You'll be able to catch up on some must-see entertainment and you'll be thankful you did, because you won't have the time to do so in the foreseeable future.

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2. Sleep as much as possible

sleeping in

We're not suggesting that you quit your job and sleep for nine months, as nice as that sounds. We're simply saying that you might want to try sleeping in on weekends whenever possible. Your sleeping schedule is about to become as hectic and chaotic as it's ever been and your body is going to remember this sleeping in period fondly. Treat yourself while you still can and catch up on some z's!


3. Fancy date nights

date night

Have yourself a nice dinner or night out on the town and don't be frugal. Go all out, or as much as you'd like, you'll seldom have opportunities to enjoy a nice romantic evening out once you're officially a mom or dad. Put on your nicest clothes and treat yourselves to a nice dinner. Even if it's not a "fancy" night out, you should strike while the iron is hot and have an romantic night out!


4. Go out with your friends

night out with friends

It's not that you won't ever see your friends once your baby comes, it's that you won't be able to see them as often. Try treating your friends to night out, or a fun activity during the day to spend some time together before you become the cool parents of the friend group.


5. Throw a classy dinner party

fancy dinner party

If you aren't too excited about the last two entries, you could opt to consolidate the two ideas and have a classy dinner party with your friends! Host a fancy dinner party, or book a table at an elegant venue. Either way, dress up in you finest garments and have a grand time with your friends while you can afford the time to do so.


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6. Get fit and healthy

fitness couple

As with many of the entries on our list, time dedicated to exercise and your health will be scarce in a few months. Now's the time to get healthy, shed a few pounds, or just improve your general health. Moms can definitely attest to the benefits of this as exercising while pregnant has proven beneficial for their babies.


7. Go on vacation


Traveling as a parent isn't necessarily the easiest task. Especially in the early years of a child's development. Get the adventurous, wandering spirit out of your system now while traveling is less of a challenge! Fly away to a relaxing get away, or, if you're too far along in your pregnancy, take a road trip together! A nice getaway will help you bond as a couple and escape the impending worries you'll have to face later on.


8. Go to a theme park

theme park

Remember those signs that say "You must be this tall to ride"? Well, as you can guess, that means you won;t be able to take your newborn or infants along for any amusement park rides for quite some time. If you're a thrill seeker, rollercoaster enthusiast, or just generally enjoy theme parks, plan a weekend trip to the nearest theme park and eat your hearts out together! You won;t get a chance to act like kids anytime soon, so embrace you're inner child while you still can.


9. Enjoy intimacy


Intimacy will never quite be the same once you're a parent. Privacy pretty much goes out the door, so you'll struggle to find ways to get intimate and enjoy time with one another. There's no time like the present, right? Spend this time wisely and get intimate before you have to start using a "do not disturb" sign on your bedroom door.


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