My Child Can't Stop Coughing!

My Child Can't Stop Coughing!

Our parents share about their own experiences - what the possible causes of coughing are, what remedies work best and which doctors they recommend.

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My child can’t stop coughing

Mum needs help: My toddler has been coughing on and off for mths. After he has recovered, his cough will return again mthly. Any gd pd or tcm doc to recommend?


Michelle Foo:
i duno but read from some forums that tui na is beneficial though i have not tried.

Triana Indri Maharani: please make clean your home.

Winnie Yeo:
My 3 yr old has this prob too and I brought her to c TCM at Eu Yan Sang and she recovered.

Azsuqa Harry: Another alternative is homeopathy treatment

Sally Yeow: U may like to try Dr Ngiam @ International Child & Adolescent Clinic, Gleneagles Hosptial Annex Block, 64711077. My 2 kids have been seeing him since birth whenever they have cough & typically after the medication they recover within max 2 wks. Hope it’s helps 😉

Juliana Wong-Sim: And please check the diet too. My girl was about 2 years old then and was coughing persistently for 3 mths. Finished so many bottles of chlormine, Rhinathiol and Zyrtec. Fluimucil also didnt help much. Washed all the bed linen. One day, I realised that after she ate had nutella, her cough returned. I watched her diet and kept her away from nuts and choc, she recovered fully soon after.
She’s 3+ now and ok to nuts and choc.

Lussy Dewi Adikoesoemo: i gave my sons Gan mao Qing Re Ke Li (for kids) from Tong Ren Tang when ever they have runny nose, fever or cough.

Michelle Yar Lee: dont give them fruits it will worsen the cough…

Zarina Hashim:
give him/her Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil! its work!

Connie Chan:
should take them to a pediatrician n see weather they’re allergic to anything …..

Annabelle Ang:
My son had on off coughs too.. I jus brought him to Eu Yan Sang Specialist at Paragon on Monday.. And now hes recovering..

Valerie N Tan:
If you’re living in the east area, go to KidsLink at Bedok North. Tel. 6 2 4 3 3 2 4 3 Dr Lim specializes in respiratory problems.

Tan Yee Ping:
Yu Guo tuina is good. but have to go regularly to build up immune.

Nana Ng:
Another place for good Tui Na is Ren Hai Clinic at 27 Neil Road. Look for Dr Adelyn Tan. It’s by app onli and I feel it’s more personal tat way 🙂 She’s been practising Paediatric Tui Na for 15 yrs.
No harm giving it a try. My boy was having bad cough recently too and went for the Tui Na and he’s so much better now.

Luz Lintot-alias:
also good one doctor is Dr. Lee Yip Mui Cecilia. PAEDIATRIC AND FAMILY MEDICAL CENTRE PTE LTD. Blk 139 Tampines Street 11 #01-52 Singapore 521139. Tel 6783 8743.

Serene Yap:
Oh yeah dr lee at tampines is gd !!!! Thumb up but nw she on holiday would only be back on 11 may ….

Jenice Tai:
Your child could be allergic to something. Take him to Dr. Tan Siew Pin for an allergy test. 67386488 – Olive tree Clinic.

David Chan:
try Doc Simon Ng at Mount Alvernia Medical center, Tink its #02-02.

Pauline Poh: Robitussin cough syrup in Red colour packaging is good. Can get it from NTUC unity

Imelzarita Ismail:
Hi! i sent my son to the clinic at BLK 263 Compassvale Street…Within 2-3 days, cough, fever or even week long diarrhea was cured.

Yeo Jiat Yee:
you can try propolis from Yee Yan Sang. It really help. My girl is a premature, always having cough, since I have started the propolis. Seldom visit doctor.

Liya Lim:
it could be ur home.. mayb ur child is allergic to pets, plants, carpet or soft toys..

Sioyan Ng:
Control diet… don’t give too much cold stuff…but do not give bird’s nest….

Patricia Alvisse:
Get rid of carpets, soft toys, change pillow case and bed sheet often.

Doc Dana E Srither:
Yes, highly suspicious of allergy cough. Prospan is a good anti-allergy cough syrup. Avoid air-con, carpets, softtoys and pets.

Kelly Kc:
The cause could be environmental as well as viral (caused by bacteria/virus). Environmentally, it could be chemicals in detergent residues in clothes, bed sheets, chemicals in room fragrances, perfumes. If it’s a viral cough, up his immunity with oregano leaves (made into tea or can be added to milk). Oregano leaves are natural antibodies (without side-effects) and can be found in organic shops.

Karen Chua:
Hv your child check does he has sinus. Sinus will caused coughing too.

Mohana Sundary:
It could be tonsil problems. Get an ENT specialist to check his

Chiou Lin:
Does he has phlegm problem? If so try switching him from formula to fresh milk. My son been having cough/phlegm prob from oct 08 to oct 09! Ever since I switched him to fresh milk last oct, he doesn’t gimme much prob now. Pour e desired amt of fresh milk into his milk bottle & warm it up by putting e bottle into a cup of hot water. Ready in 5 mins time or more if u prefer warmer milk for him.

Shirley Chong:
my son also hving tis on off coughing but i know tat his main problem is those sweet snacks and poor water intake.. i tried to control his intake of sugary stuff and keep him atleast 4-6 glass water now he’s fine 😉

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